Life of a Vegetarian Muslim

“Muslim and A Vegetarian ? How can it be? ” This is the only question I face every time I eat out with a new person. I am a practicing Muslim and a Pure Vegetarian. Everyone has a general conception that all muslims are Meat lovers. Its true. The society that I live in doesn’t have the word ‘Vegetarian’ in their dictionary. A meal without meat or chicken in any ceremony would be nothing but low quality and cheap. A society which considers it holy to consume meat. A society where a child is a meat eater every single day of the week. He/she would go hungry on a day when vegetables would have been cooked. And I was no different. I grew up in this society.

I can say that I have consumed meat like no one else. I went hungry on days my mother cooked vegetables and expressed extreme anger on her for doing so. I used to coax her for not taking care of me. Then I used to rush to a near by restaurant to grab minced meat and bread. It was my favorite. I still smell the same Arabian/Mughalai Minced meat when I pass by that restaurant. I consumed meat for the first 16 years of my life and then I quit.

People taunted me with various fallacies, primarily one which I still get from others : “You’re not even a muslim if you don’t eat meat once in 40 days.”. That hurt sometime, but I ignored. At some point it made me feel that I was committing a sin. I only knew that I may be different and may not be right, but I wasn’t wrong and not a sinner. I am a strong believer of God, the one and only one God. This fact is enough for me to still call myself a Muslim.

I had no reasons to quit meat eating, but something happened when there was a Goat sacrifice in our house on the day of Eid-uz-Zoha. Hours after the Goat was sacrificed, I saw the raw meat on the plate still shivering. As if it still had life in it. Islamic way of sacrifice is no doubt the most scientific method of killing with minimal pain, but I just couldn’t tolerate the view of the pieces of meat shivering in front of my eyes. Some more hours passed by, the meat was cooked -A fantastic dish was served. I just couldn’t consume it. I didn’t see any physical movement on the cooked meat but could feel the shivering. I just couldn’t consume that meat.

It is said that before any sacrifice, the animal comes to know that its going to be sacrificed.  It has already given up the hope. The animal stops eating from the night before. I have seen in the animal’s eyes. Its deep. Its dark. Its scared. When the time comes there is a ceremony in which the animal should drink a few gulps of water just before the knife is rubbed against the skin. This is the most difficult part. The animal refuses to drink the last drink. Just to extend its life for a few more minutes. And when the animal is forced to drink, just when the water reaches its throat, the slaughter begins with prayers. I shall not go into the details of the processes involved in slaughtering. But its all these hurt me more than anything else in the world. The sight is too frightful for me.

Most Islamic clergymen would outcast me or have a Fatwa on me if I said that every time I see a dead animal, I recite the prayers which muslims recite when they come across death of any human. Such is my faith.

At this point, I must confess that I am a food lover; I live to eat rather than eat to live; During my days of Vegetarianism since the age of 16, the most supportive people are my parents, Specially my mother. I take the opportunity to publicly thank her for all the trouble she has taken to cook separately for me Pure Vegetarian food. I may not trust a veg restaurant, but I would trust her that no matter what, she would cook vegetarian food for me where even a single spoon of Oil wouldn’t be shared between their non-veg cooking and my veg cooking.

I am mostly cut from my cultural foodie events. I do not go because the food is non-veg, and no one is that caring enough (except family) to prepare veg food for me. I don’t expect them to understand either.

Once in a blue moon, my parents would casually say to me “Why don’t you start eating for a change?”. I just chuckle.

I don’t force anyone to be a vegetarian though I advocate it. I never win and neither they lose. They respect my vegetarianism because I am not doing anything against the religion or against Islam. Just like any other ‘ideal’ muslim, I pray daily prayers, I don’t indulge in Usury or Interest on money, I offer charity, I don’t gamble, drink, smoke and most importantly, I believe that there is no god, but God. These are the basic pillars of Islam and I don’t think I am breaking them.

Its time when people should know the fact that in the Holy Quran, it is mentioned that one may eat permissible non-vegetarian food, for God has created animals for human consumption but it is not compulsory. It is also mentioned that Animals such as Pig and Pork meat is strictly prohibited (It has a scientific reason). A muslim can be a good practicing muslim by being a Vegetarian.

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  1. plesantly surprised to know that a Muslim can be vegi…but with due respect Islamic way of slaughter is not at all scientific or painless.. to put it bluntly it is a very cruel way to say the least

  2. Hi! There was a study done on which is the best way to slaughter a animal. It came up that the Islamic way of slaughter was the best. And even the best for human consumption. The study was even done for prisoners who had death sentences issued and were killed by Guillotine.
    This is not just Islamic. Even the Jews once followed the same practice. Even now many orthodox Jews follow it. Further, many Christians also follow it. Not to forget, Jews, Christians and Islamist have the same root under Abrahimic religions.
    If you study the slaughter properly you will see that the knife has to be extremely sharp. There should be no blow or jerk. You must cut the skin and the veins and not anything else. Once the blood is drained, the animal dies. There is suffering no doubt, but better than any other.

  3. Hi Fakhruddin,
    I am totally agree with the fact that one can be devoted vegetarian muslim.I think in every religion it is said every living being is created buy Allah or GOD.Every living being is child of GOD.SO how can God be happy if his one child is killed and eaten by other child.

    It may be allowed to consume meat in exceptional conditions where there is nothing to eat for survival.As you said in Islam ,its not forced to eat meat.

    Slaughtering innocent animals who can not resist is against humanity and also a cruel act.

    I am not blaming or criticizing anybody but its found in research that vegetarians are more kind ,soft,clean.

    So killing animals in the name of religion is blind faith of innocent common people who often mislead by extremist clergymen.It is also found in may researches that consuming non Veg one is more prone heart attacks,obesity and other dangerous deceases.Mother nature has given good for every living being.there is enough food for every one and there is no need to eat meat. I appreciate your efforts to be vegetarian despite comments from your friend and oppose from your people.I belive In coming days more mulims will adopt vegetarianism when they face the ill effects of consuming meat. Keep it up my Friend .You are True Muslim. I will pray allah to give you strength to stand firm in your belief.

  4. I am also a vegetarian Muslim and I thank God for that because I would never want to be associated with cruel animal slaughter. As a sufi saint said hundreds of years ago meat eating is the failure of compassion and this is such an intelligent phrase and we as caring humans would do well to try and live up to it! The writer above is so right with his comments on how an animal suffers! Why do we humans think that “dumb” animals are stupid?! They are far more intelligent and “spiritual” than we think they are and we treat them like shit! Its never an excuse to say that scriptures tell us to eat meat – what a lame excuse that we humans abuse to satisfy our desperation for taste. Besides, vegetarian foods are far more delicious! Why should the far eastern religions lead with way with their laudable doctrines of causing no harm to any living creature? There are many, many places in the Qur’an and ahadith to justufy the non-killing of our fellow creatures and, therefore, there is much protection in the shari’a for animals. It should be well known that to enter the higher rungs of spirituality and the goal would be nearness to God, should involve a non-meat diet. As the Prophet (saws) said our stomachs should not become graveyards for animals. The Eid sacrifice is nothig but a blood-fest and it is a disgrace in our modern times. Furthermore, to bring sheep from Australia who are already half-dead and then to submit them to a cruel death is sheer madness! I pray to God that, a more enlightened time will come soon.

  5. Asalam alekum,

    Its not mandatory that a Muslim person should eat meat to show he is Muslim. Islam is very easy and best religion, we all knows.

    Regarding your reciting a prayer which we read when we heard the news of some one die, its means “Surely we belong to God and to Him shall we return”

    you can read this dua whenever there is a loss of anything and not just on the occasion of death of human.

    and ALLAH knows best

  6. I am also a vegetarian muslim(a). From France though and out there believe me, we are very very few. Actually, I don´t know any other one! Wish we were more, because this makes sense simply. I tend to think this is cultural also.
    Happy to read the story about your parents and their help and support!

  7. I am very happy that you are vegetarian after being muslim. Actually when we eat meat then we never think that what it was , we just eat for taste. But in reality that was also had life, family, emotions everything that we have. I am very happy to know about you.

    I also how tough it was to come out from those people. Who never wants to think about it. If you will try to tell them they dont want to understand .

    Thanks for being human…….. and to save life of many animals.

  8. Asalamu Alaykum

    Greetings dear all,

    First of all, thank you for sharing your story with us! It is much appreciated and I absolutely agree.

    I am Muslim myself and I am currently contemplating whether I should be vegetarian or not for various reasons (spiritual reasons, health reasons as most meat doesn’t seem pure these days: considering the usages of hormones etc.). Anyway, I haven’t had any non-veg food for a month now and I quite like it. However, at the same time it is quite challenging as my family does eat non-veg, which means I have to make veg-food separately every day and since I do not know a lot of veg-dishes it is a bit difficult to decide what I will eat every day. Moreover, I don’t know any ‘vegetarian’ Muslims, which makes me slightly hesitant – wondering if this is the right decision.

    Furthermore, my mother is concerned that being vegetarian isn’t really healthy, as you are missing out on certain nutrition. She gave a few examples of her family members (who aren’t Muslim and vegetarian) who ended up eating non-veg, because the doctor told them to do so (due to health reasons). This kind of scares me!

    Anyway, I hope I will continue to be a vegetarian, as non-veg doesn’t really seem as an option anymore and I hope it will assist me in terms of spirituality. Alison Rogerson mentioned that a sufi saint argued that eating non-veg is failure of compassion. Does anyone know who this saint was? I would love to read more about this.

    Thank you all for sharing your story. It is very comforting to know that there are more Vegetarian Muslims out there.

    With my love,

  9. The same burning question, “can Muslims be vegetarians?” crossed my mind and I searched it on google and to my delight landed on this page. I am elated to learn that there are some who actually are vegetarians.

    Thank you for writing this post. Killing is always cruel which ever way you may do it. It can never be justified.

    Shaidi asked about that Sufi saint who denounced killing and meat eating. Dear all that Sufi saint was Saint Kabir and you can read about this specific speech written by him at the link below

    Sufi Saint Kabir wrote a lot and equally lambasted both Hindu and Muslim practices which were against humanity. More on Saint Kabir can be read here.

    Thanks again for sharing this post.

  10. Dear sir,
    I have a very poor knowledge of Islam but it has been my pleasure to remain for quite long in the vicinity of muslims.Mr Fakhruddin’s observations are very crucial.I have practiced in a muslim locality and know a lot of people who have affinity over vegetarian food.I know many people specially teenagers and children developed hatred over meat after watching sacrifice and now can not tolerate even eggs.Food has nothing to do with the religion .It is more a geographical than religious issue.There are a lot of non-vegetarian families having staunch vegetarians Vegetarianism preserves our tender feelings and islam is not against that.

  11. I am really happy to know that muslims can be vegetarian. Only slaughtering is not religion. Islam advocates compassion. Merely killing to show one’s wealth can not be right

  12. The great Sufi Râbi‘ah al-‘Adawîyah of Basrah was an early Muslim vegetarian. In recent times, the renowned Sufi shaykh Bawa Muhaiyaddeen was a notable vegetarian Muslim.

  13. Dear Hussain Fakhruddin,

    It was wonderful reading your Blog and your views. It was also enlightening to come to know what the Holy Quran says about Non vegetarianism ie it is not compulsary to have non veg food

    Personally, I feel all life is sacred and the life of a Goat is no less sacred. I personally feel sad when Goats are killed in the name of religion. As you rightly pointed out, even that Goat craves for a few extra minutes of life before being killed, so why not grant her life.

    I am glad u posted your views Online. Was refreshing.


  14. I was happy to read this as having just seen a programme about Eid and the mass slaughter of those poor terrified animals I felt there must be some more human Muslims out there. To dress up and animal with flowers and clamour to take care of it for a few days only to murder it for the silliest of reasons is crazy and terribly sad. The animals I saw were scared and must have thought with all the care they had found a good home, only to be betrayed by the ones caring for them. I cannot believe any god could want such a sacrifice – how can anyone respect such a god as that? This is just humans putting words into a god’s mouth – humans have made these rules not any god. I do hope more follow your example and stop eating meat. I have not eaten meat for over 40 years and am strong and healthy, in fact healthier than when I ate meat. My mother also thought I would become ill, but that is simply ignorance and fear. Vegetarian nutrition is good and totally adequate for all ages. Well done to you and I hope more follow your example. The real test is following what you know to be right despite all the attacks by other people. Your god if you believe in one can then be proud of you.

  15. Good to know ………. Animals do feel pain and I would like make a point that animal sacrifice is not written in Holy Koran but it is practiced as tradition that to remember the sacrifice of Abrihim.
    But Abrihim do not sacrificed the goat, he sacrificed his son but Allah saved his son. But now people are using the name of Abrihim to sacrifice the innocent animals.

  16. Salam!! Really interesting!!

    I’am personally a muslim vegan living in Sweden and I have never felt as good and healthy like now 🙂
    It’s important to be open minded!!

    Best wishes!

  17. Mr. Fakruddin, its nice to know that even muslims can be vegetarians. Also, I am pretty sure that there is no rule in muslim religion that says that you have to consume meat at least once every 40 days. I am a bhramin and am an eggitarian, since I believe that there is no life/emotions in eggs. Beyond that anything is cruelty.

  18. i never saw a vegetarian in muslims. appreciate your choice of food. i beliveve you to be a true muslim. keep up the good work. keep your faith in god

  19. My dear brother, I am delighted to read your article. The same incident happened with me. I belong to a Muslim family which is proud of its Brahmin roots. In my family beef eating is totally prohibited. Generally ladies are supposed to be veggi. Once a male goat was sacrificed in front of me. I could not bear that terrible scene. I could feel the fear, pain and terror in animal’s eyes. Believe me, I could not sleep that night. Goat’s innocent face and terror in eyes were wondering in my mind. Since that day I gave up meat eating for ever. Surprisingly my father was very happy and supportive. You and me both belong to the same kind of kind people. For last 15 years I with my wife and children are strict vegetarian.

  20. Hi Friend,
    Very happy to read your article.I never thought that a muslim could be a vegetarian.I am a Brahmin and in my family egg was eaten frequently.When I was 12 year old, i read a chapter on Gautam Buddha and I quit eating egg.Now I am a complete vegetarian and just love it.

  21. guys you all have have proved that not all the Muslims are non-veg just like all the Hindus are not vegetarians. I am vegetarian Hindu from a non-veg Hindu family just like you all. When I was in class four my parents were cutting a he-goat in our home. I had rose it since its birth. I used to play with it ; sometimes I used to talk with it and it was like my a friend. My parents used to say that why you do care so much to it. One day we will cut it and eat it. From that that My love to it increased even more. And one day my parents cut it. It was really a sad situation for me and I was crying inside a room and my elder sister tried to console me that what to do we need to eat meat. From that day I insisted not to eat meat and slowly I turned to a vegetarian.

  22. Waah friend….
    Proud of you…
    Humanity is the biggest religion..
    So, dont fear dear.. I m with you…

  23. I am a Hindu but from a non vegeterian family. I am a vegeterian now though my family’s other members are non vegeterian. But they respect my views. I never thought that there are vegeterian muslims. But hats off to those who have taken this novel path. Slaughtering destroys compassion. Just want to know the names of muslim sheiks who were vegetarian…..


  24. well i quit eating non veg 1 year back and i really feel healthy and better……well i have met muslims who r vegetarian…its all about how u think …its generally not about muslim or cristian…we all have to be open minded ….i have seen sacrifices of animals which is obviously somewhere inhuman which led me to vegetarian path…we should let animals die their natural death..non veg should be consumed only in extreme conditions when u have nothing to eat…hope to see more people becoming vegetarian..

  25. very glad to see you Hussain Fakhruddin and all Musim vegetarians…..i belong to Lahore Pakistan.
    when i was boy the same thing happened to me……unfortunately i was not able to become vegetarian in my early age …. …Two years ago(March 22, 2011) ,after disaster in Japan i was watching the videos on you tube of innocent victoms of natural disaster ,meanwhile i watched some videos of slaughter houses and dairy . while butcher sliting the throat of a sheep ,other sheep were scared and waiting for their turns….if we see it from the eyes of animals ,they are feeling like a natural disaster given by human beings…So i got the point.And moved to veganism and it makes me more compassionate , healthy and strong ……Now i am vegan for almost two years. I ‘d Love if you guys keep in touch with me on facebook

  26. Indian cuisine in Asia is replete with vegetarian dishes, many of which can be traced to religious traditions (such as Hindu Brahmins). Gujarati cuisine of India is predominantly vegetarian among other Indian cuisines and Gujarati thali is very famous among Indians. `”,,

    See ya later

  27. ‘buddha’ means one who is awake. sadly most humans are blind (and inconsiderate). but you were awake (enough) to see the fear and pain in the eyes of another living being.

  28. Asalam Alikum. I am non-Muslim who’s very much interested in Islam and looks forward to conversion someday soon. But thoughts related to Eid-uh-Zoha and sacrifice kind of made me doubtful. I was searching over the net if it’s possible to be a vegetarian Muslim and well, your article came to my rescue 🙂

  29. Dear Hussain Fakhruddin, you are not a are great person. Actually, you are following Islam properly.Meat eating has been condemned in every faith(Hindu/Muslim/christian).only those who can’t stop his urgue of one’s tongue,it has been sanctioned.Even Prophet Mohammad rarely took non-veg food.
    there are list of sufi saints who were vegetarian.Actually,those who do not take meat are elevated person.
    Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti,Raskhan,Rahim and many more.
    there are pathan vaisnavas who do not take meat.
    i m really glad with you.
    u are showing mercy to all the living creatures.
    krishna/allah will be pleased with you

    hare krishna
    /Asalam Alikum

  30. @drishti

    changing faith is not the solution.
    In this life,u may be hindu/muslim/christian and in next life,it may be changed.
    it is not about changing the faith but following the real dharma i.e.surrender unto god and attaing love of godhead.
    Islam teaches us surrender unto god
    bible teaches us love of godhead
    bhagwad gita teaches both.
    All the scriptures are either given by god himself or by representative of god.
    prophet mohammad was messanger of godhead
    jesus christ always tells that he is son of god.
    So whatever faith u follow,if u follow their rules and regulation strictly then u will definitely attain god and our eternal home

  31. you must be a great soul. and have some sense carried from your past life . All can not see the same which is so open and clear .

  32. HATS of to Mr. FAKRUDDIN, the pious soul. His benevolent act of vegetarianism that encourages non-killing of animals or birds for food, should be an eye opener to those born-vegetarians(Brahmins,Vishnavites,Jains some of whom I have seen as converted non-vegetarians and boast of themselves even they eat Beef, as if they climbed over Everest Mountain or did some noble cause of applaud. Even I say eating egg (that too was stopped by FAKRUDDIN) is a sin in a way by eating it treating as lifeless since by eating the egg, we are stopping it to come out of its shell for life. Is it not a cruel act? One should feel proud of his ancestory of having born in a VEGETARIAN clan and he or she should not only practice vegetarianism rather to encourage it amongst others. Vegetarianism inculcates calmness, softness and sobreness of behaviour whereby even the so-called violences,abuses can be reduced; Every body if thinks seriously and questions oneself just :WHAT RIGHT WE HAVE TO KILL OTHER LIVING BEINGS which are also created by GOD for existence till the life destined by GOD at par with Human beings. A REAL RELIGIOUS PRACTITIONER OR FOLLOWER needs to be benevolent first because COMPASSION IS GODLINESS. Killing animals and eating and praying God for His blessings , is it not going against God i.e. the ultimate GOOD. Sacrificing Goats to Godesses Kali, DURGA in ASSAM (KAMAKSHI TEMPLE); KALI TEMPLE OF CALCUTTA (which I have witnessed while those goats and lambs were crying before taken them to slaughter) made me to cry and even thought of the Godess (if she is really there) should appear OR come thro the Priest and tell all the devotees there that they should not do slaughtering in Her name and such acts would be punished severely. Such was my agony at that sight. Even Govts. ban such slaughtering activities in the name of Kali Maa, DURGA Maa, Bakri-id; Idul-fitr (Halals etc.,). VEGETARIANISM is the REAL SPIRITUALISM, SUFISM and ultimate PURITANISM. I my self am proud to be born in a strict VEGETARIAN VISHNAVITE CULT of SOUTH INDIA. Atleast I can treat my fellow living beings like COW,GOAT, LAMBS , the BIRDS all to live alongwith me as the equal members of the Universe.

  33. Dear Hussain,

    I congratulate you for being vegetarian and I am encourage you. I know that you are strong and will not be affected by negative opinions of people.

  34. Thank you for this article. I used to think that i am the the only Muslim Vegetarian in the world. Since childhood i have been a vegetarian. My strange Life , my friends , all the social gatherings and the innumerable altercations with my family and relatives changed nothing except my need to prove my choices in life to everyone. Earlier i would try to fight the ridicule and fight back or answer why Being a Veg was a simple and peaceful and very personal choice i made because i dearly love all animals especially little hens and goats and fish swimming about. I used to count them among my dolls (only as animate ones) and find these creatures extremely exciting while growing up. No amount of coaxing by my mother and family ever worked on me to even taste non vegetarian food.
    In a span of time all my friends started avoiding me in special outings or food trips and I got closer to vegetarian friends much to the alarm of some of my family members. it was speculated that no boy would marry me and there were hush hush talks in the family that i might have hindu leanings!!!. I found all this incredibly annoying in school but with time I learnt to just be calm about it and avoid any arguments about it. Those who wish to understand will let you be and the rest will never get it anyway.
    Much to the growing alarm of my parents i moved out of home for further studies and showed no signs of ever trying kebabs or fish etc. I learnt to make good veg food and was just amused at all the hoopla around just a food preference. Now I am a lawyer and refuse to have any non veg food at my place. I had made my peace with being an only veg muslim in the world when i stumbled upon this article. Thank you . Its such a delight.

  35. Dear all
    thanks to all the vegetarian people in this planet. Really glad to see that a lots of muslim veg..people around the world nowadays. I’m muslim and newcomer of vegetarian world. I love animal. I will love animal until I’m die..

  36. I am so glad to know that I am not the only one. I am also a vegetarian Muslim. Although I am new to vegetarianism, I have never felt so much at peace with myself. It is amazing to see how these beautiful animals were programmed to love us humans. I can not bring myself to take another bite of meat knowing what the poor animal endured to be on our plates. It is not solely the thought of the slaughter that is unpalatable, but, the loneliness and torture the animal endured prior to being slaughtered.

    In no way do I believe it is haraam to refrain from eating meat. There are many people around the world who cannot eat meat due to low resources and poverty (this does not make them sinners). Muslim people need to understand that Just because a person has chosen vegetarianism, it does not mean we are indicating eating meat haraam. Islam is not all black and white, there is always an in-between.

  37. Hi
    i am also a Muslim vegetarian. reading your blog i felt that it is me who is narrating all these. i too reside the same society where meal without meat is considered low and cheap. initially i was also a non-veg. but for the last 10 years i am enjoying my life as a pure vegetarian.

  38. really i don’t know that u did a right thing or wrong but i could say that u did a noble thing… even i follow the sanatan dharma(eternal religion: free from measureability of time) and i’m also against of innocent animals killing known as “bali” or “sacred sacrifice” in temples bcoz i know that god really don’t want the meat of those innocent animals and their blood(what is called hinduism todays is really not a holy and pure sanatan dharam) and why would god want that ??? i mean one who is god is god and are we really able to give god something that too something like meat of innocent animals which created by mother nature and part of god ‘s soul(if not how they’re alive and conscious???) and what we humans call sacred sacrifice or whatever which we served to god of any religion where is the sacrifice in that, raising animals just to kill them and consume their flesh is really not what i can consider a sacrifice please.. bcoz what i know a sacrifice is what in which we feel pain … what we feel close to our heart and then we offer it to god to show our faith in him/her(although god is omniscient : don’t want our proof of faith and using him/her bcoz males and females are for homosepians this race only god is much far than that)…. and if i go to abrahamic religion by not dwelling it to deep and for those who consider that sacrifice ritual arise from that incident happened on moriah, pls remember sacrifice was asked for abraham’s beloved one and putting a sheep was god’s act which logically don’t means go and kill animals for those u have no love … in any religion and if u want to kill them and consume them then don’t do in name of holy god please and have heart to accept that it’s for ur own desires.. and dear Hussain Fakhruddin u should not feel any guilt to do that bcoz u had done a noble deed bcoz u listen to ur heart and not let ur mind do make confuse ur heart’s first voice…bcoz when u listen and follow ur mind+senses desires u can be happy , and when u listen and follow ur heart u can be satisfied in peace only then….

    and for those who want to take this into scientifically or in orthodoxal way just answer this question that being conscious and developed from brain’s selected portion and ability to implement the concept of free will in humans could let humans being superior than another creations of mother nature with grace of god??? considering other living beings inferior than u just bcoz at this point of time u r more aware than them that too only in certain areas is what the deeds of a noble(mentally,spritually developed) persons ???

  39. Wow…… I m really amaze at this article and knowing that there are so many muslims here that are vegetarian and agree with being vegetarian. Keep up the spirit……..Salute to you guys for standing for this innocent animals even when for some of muslims it would like going against their religion (which I firmly believe is not true)………… and also from this innocent animals thank you 😀

  40. hi….its a comfort to know someone as sensitive as me….i too have been a pure non-vegetarian for my whole life….i am 40 now….but recently, 6 months back……i saw some videos related to the torture of animals due to factory farming…..i felt that this an animal undergoing this kind of suffering would never be considered halaal in the eyes of God….i felt that if our prophet was alive today, he would deem this meat/milk/egg/etc as haraam…..after watching those videos, i couldnt eat non-veg any more….so you have got company!!!! i can send you the link to those videos if you nedd them….take care.

  41. Very good article we need a website for people who want to be veg but are confused.
    please open a website and explain. many people around the world who want to be vegetarian are forced to eat meat products y family or friends and the message they say God will punish if you don’t eat meat or animal products.
    Thank you and love & blessings for all animals

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