Life of a Vegetarian Muslim

“Muslim and A Vegetarian ? How can it be? ” This is the only question I face every time I eat out with a new person. I am a practicing Muslim and a Pure Vegetarian. Everyone has a general conception that all muslims are Meat lovers. Its true. The society that I live in doesn’t have the word ‘Vegetarian’ in their dictionary. A meal without meat or chicken in any ceremony would be nothing but low quality and cheap. A society which considers it holy to consume meat. A society where a child is a meat eater every single day of the week. He/she would go hungry on a day when vegetables would have been cooked. And I was no different. I grew up in this society.

I can say that I have consumed meat like no one else. I went hungry on days my mother cooked vegetables and expressed extreme anger on her for doing so. I used to coax her for not taking care of me. Then I used to rush to a near by restaurant to grab minced meat and bread. It was my favorite. I still smell the same Arabian/Mughalai Minced meat when I pass by that restaurant. I consumed meat for the first 16 years of my life and then I quit.

People taunted me with various fallacies, primarily one which I still get from others : “You’re not even a muslim if you don’t eat meat once in 40 days.”. That hurt sometime, but I ignored. At some point it made me feel that I was committing a sin. I only knew that I may be different and may not be right, but I wasn’t wrong and not a sinner. I am a strong believer of God, the one and only one God. This fact is enough for me to still call myself a Muslim.

I had no reasons to quit meat eating, but something happened when there was a Goat sacrifice in our house on the day of Eid-uz-Zoha. Hours after the Goat was sacrificed, I saw the raw meat on the plate still shivering. As if it still had life in it. Islamic way of sacrifice is no doubt the most scientific method of killing with minimal pain, but I just couldn’t tolerate the view of the pieces of meat shivering in front of my eyes. Some more hours passed by, the meat was cooked -A fantastic dish was served. I just couldn’t consume it. I didn’t see any physical movement on the cooked meat but could feel the shivering. I just couldn’t consume that meat.

It is said that before any sacrifice, the animal comes to know that its going to be sacrificed.  It has already given up the hope. The animal stops eating from the night before. I have seen in the animal’s eyes. Its deep. Its dark. Its scared. When the time comes there is a ceremony in which the animal should drink a few gulps of water just before the knife is rubbed against the skin. This is the most difficult part. The animal refuses to drink the last drink. Just to extend its life for a few more minutes. And when the animal is forced to drink, just when the water reaches its throat, the slaughter begins with prayers. I shall not go into the details of the processes involved in slaughtering. But its all these hurt me more than anything else in the world. The sight is too frightful for me.

Most Islamic clergymen would outcast me or have a Fatwa on me if I said that every time I see a dead animal, I recite the prayers which muslims recite when they come across death of any human. Such is my faith.

At this point, I must confess that I am a food lover; I live to eat rather than eat to live; During my days of Vegetarianism since the age of 16, the most supportive people are my parents, Specially my mother. I take the opportunity to publicly thank her for all the trouble she has taken to cook separately for me Pure Vegetarian food. I may not trust a veg restaurant, but I would trust her that no matter what, she would cook vegetarian food for me where even a single spoon of Oil wouldn’t be shared between their non-veg cooking and my veg cooking.

I am mostly cut from my cultural foodie events. I do not go because the food is non-veg, and no one is that caring enough (except family) to prepare veg food for me. I don’t expect them to understand either.

Once in a blue moon, my parents would casually say to me “Why don’t you start eating for a change?”. I just chuckle.

I don’t force anyone to be a vegetarian though I advocate it. I never win and neither they lose. They respect my vegetarianism because I am not doing anything against the religion or against Islam. Just like any other ‘ideal’ muslim, I pray daily prayers, I don’t indulge in Usury or Interest on money, I offer charity, I don’t gamble, drink, smoke and most importantly, I believe that there is no god, but God. These are the basic pillars of Islam and I don’t think I am breaking them.

Its time when people should know the fact that in the Holy Quran, it is mentioned that one may eat permissible non-vegetarian food, for God has created animals for human consumption but it is not compulsory. It is also mentioned that Animals such as Pig and Pork meat is strictly prohibited (It has a scientific reason). A muslim can be a good practicing muslim by being a Vegetarian.

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  1. I am a muslim. However, I believe that meat is provided to be halal consumed by human, as in the time of the Prophet (SAW) meat contain source of vitamin and mineral which couldn’t be derived from other sources.
    But now with the advance of medicine research and technology, it is possible for human to receive those vitamins from other sources than meat.
    I have been a vegan for years, following my uncle who also muslim vegan (he didn’t dare to perform slaughtering qurban animal on his pilgrimage, and from that day his compassion toward animals turned him into fully vegan). I substitute the needs of protein and vit. B12 with soya products, nuts, B12 supplements and some of natural food supplements.
    So far, I feel healthy, sleep better, less emotional, and think more clearly.

  2. can u tel me sir, hw islamic way f slaughtering is the scientific method creating least pain? i bcam a veg at age f 7, as i hated the scrifical offrng in name f god, i’m nt stopping them frm eating flesh,bt who gav them the rt over others animal’s lf,to sacrifice in name f god…,!?

  3. Dear Hussain,

    This is Such A well article that everyone in the world ,Irrespective of their religion, beliefs, food habits etc. needs to read this. Choosing a Life of kindness over cruelty and changing your habits for the well being of the animals is the most noble thing to do. You are awesome…God bless you.

  4. BRAVO. you are really a Brave person who gone against everyone’s will and done what your heart felt and use your brain to find logic. GREAT, SUPERB. You know human body is only made to digest vegetarian diets. Read- TEN PHYSICAL DIFFERENCES BETWEEN CARNIVORES (MEAT EATERS) AND HERBIVORES (PLANT EATERS).
    1.A carnivore’s teeth are long, sharp and pointed. These are tools that are useful for the task of piercing into flesh. Omnivore’s (meat and plant eaters) teeth are similar to that of carnivores. Man’s, as well as other herbivore’s teeth are not pointed, but flat edged. These are useful tools for biting, crushing and grinding.
    2.A carnivore’s jaws move up and down with minimal sideways motion. The jaw motion of an omnivore is similar. These are tools that are useful for the tasks of shearing, ripping and tearing flesh and swallowing it whole. Omnivores swallow their food whole and/or with simple crushing. Man’s, as well as other herbivore’s jaws cannot shear, but have good side to side and back to front motion. These are tools that are useful for extensive chewing, crushing and grinding of grains and other high fiber foods. Animal flesh cannot be crushed, ground and chewed with the tools Yahweh gave man without some degenerating process such as cooking or frying.
    3.A carnivore or omnivore’s saliva does not contain digestive enzymes. Man’s, as well as other herbivore’s saliva is alkaline, containing carbohydrate digestive enzymes.
    4.A carnivore’s stomach secretes powerful digestive enzymes with about 10 times the amount of hydrochloric acid than a human or herbivore. The pH is less than or equal to “1” with food in the stomach, for a carnivore or omnivore. For humans or other herbivores, the pH ranges from 4 to 5 with food in the stomach. Hence, man must prepare his meats with laborious cooking or frying methods. E. Coli bacteria, salmonella, campylobacter, trichina worms [parasites] or other pathogens would not survive in the stomach of a lion.
    5.A carnivore’s or omnivore’s small intestine is three to six times the length of its trunk. This is a tool designed for rapid elimination of food that rots quickly. Man’s, as well as other herbivore’s small intestines are 10 to 12 times the length of their body, and winds itself back and forth in random directions. This is a tool designed for keeping food in it for long enough periods of time so that all the valuable nutrients and minerals can be extracted from it before it enters the large intestine.
    6.A carnivore’s or omnivore’s large intestine is relatively short and simple, like a pipe. This passage is also relatively smooth and runs fairly straight so that fatty wastes high in cholesterol can easily slide out before they start to putrefy. Man’s, as well as other herbivore’s large intestines, or colons, are puckered and pouched, an apparatus that runs in three directions (ascending, traversing and descending), designed to hold wastes that originally were foods high in water content. This is so that the fluids can be extracted from these wastes, now that all the useful nutrients and minerals have been extracted and the long journey through the small intestine is over. Substances high in fat and cholesterol that have been putrefying for hours during their long stay in the small intestine tend to get stuck in the pockets that line the large intestine.
    The long human intestinal tract actually makes it dangerous for people to eat meat. The bacteria in meat have extra time to multiply during the long trip through the digestive system, and meat actually begins to rot while it makes its way through the intestines. Many studies have shown the link between meat eating and colon cancer in humans.
    7.Animal flesh, composed of the most highly complex type of protein that exists, requires vast amounts of uric acid to process. Uric acid is released into the system in amounts necessary to break proteins down into amino acids. Uric acid is a toxic substance responsible for the aging process and must be flushed out and dealt with. That is one of the jobs of the liver. In relative terms, a carnivore’s liver is a tool designed with the capacity to eliminate ten times as much uric acid as the liver of man or other plant eater.
    8.A predator has a gait, large paws and claws, which enable him to hunt, chase and trap his prey. These are tools meant to kill. Man’s gait, as well as other herbivore’s is designed only for mobility. Examine your hand, fingers and fingernails. Is this an apparatus properly designed for catching, trapping, killing and ripping apart cattle, hogs, chicken and fish? How does this work for picking fruit from trees or harvesting vegetables? The foods your hands were meant to gather are typically, high in water content, high also in fiber to sweep the wastes out of those intestines, and collectively contain every vitamin and mineral necessary to sustain human life.
    9.A carnivore’s frame of mind is totally geared for hunting and killing. Man’s frame of mind is compassionate, friendly and reveres life. When the lion spots another furry animal, something might instinctively click in his head that tells him to hurry up and get dinner. When man spots a furry animal, rather than show his children how to take its life and eat it, a more likely instinct is to pull over, get the camera out and take a picture. Put a young baby chick and an apple in a crib with a six-month-old baby. What will he instinctively attempt to eat and play with?
    10. Man is not a natural hunter. Every predator, in order to go hunting, MUST be hungry. Man cannot go hunting if he IS hungry! He must have a meal first. Hunger must precede a predator to go hunting. Hunger must follow man’s desire to go hunting, it cannot precede it.
    And Elohim (God) said, “See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food. Also, to every beast of the earth, to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, in which there is life, I have given every green herb for food”; and it was so.”

  5. I’m happy to read this. Thank you so much. Everyone please watch ‘Earthlings’ online for free, to watch how humans regard animals.

  6. Dear , u r correct ….
    I heard ek saccha nastik hi saccha astik hota hai, becoz he tally everything before accepting. I am not really mean u r nastik please not feel bad …I said this becoz lot of bhramin jain Gujarati eat meat as their religion / family not permitted it but they do as their lust for tongue more than a life . but u still to preffered to veg because u see animal shivering , u feel its pain and u r heat filled with Allah’s light that make u that tasteless is really gr8 .

  7. My Hearty Well Wishes To All Indian Muslim Vegetarian. Al Mighty GOD Bless All Of You Happy & Prosperous Life.

    “Be Happy” 🙂 🙂

  8. Was in tears reading your story. .iam very happy that u realised the pain of the poor animal. Slaughtering is the most dangerous thing. Iam realy very happy to hear that even a muslim can turn a vegetarian. the place I stay, der is hindu temple and just opposite sides of the road are goats tied with rope. people come and take the goat along. I feel very bad for them. they are hit badly and taken. I wish people feel the pain of animals that they eat.

  9. Hi Vegetarian Buddy,

    You being Muslim, and still think out of the box… hats off….
    Koi problem nahi hai …..kisi bhi religion mein but ye slaughter ke baare mein aap aisa sochte ho …..hats oof that you dared to think out of box, felt that pain of a being….
    Kaash aapke jaisi thought her muslim ki ho jaye…
    Main b one god me believe karti hu…..koi farak nhi padta mandir , gurudware masjid ya church jane mein ….ye sirf soch ka chhota ya bada karna hai ….but animal cruelty nhi dekhi jati ….fir aisi pratha ki musalmann log to vegetarian ho hi nahi sakte ….aaj aap jaise logo ke presence se lagta hai ki duniya badal sakti hai…..barso se chali aa rahi ye close minded thought badal sakti hai …….ye ap jaise logo se pata chalta hai…..i am so happy to read your story……wow…..hats off….and spread it …….as much as you can…..try to make others as well feel the same……….


  10. I admire your thoughts. I am a pure vegan ,and you also .

    Be kind to every lively. For this our religion is same

  11. this was unbelievable for me , as I have never heard Muslim as vegetarian . This was today’s happiest thing I read or I came to know . There is correction to be made when you said, you had no reason to quit meat . But you had big reason that, you realised pain of animal and its just more than enough reason to give up meat because this is only the true reason . And I got Goosebumps when you explained how they slaughter animals. Your really unique to feel thing you never seen around .

  12. hatts off to u dost..its not about hindu or a muslim,but
    the people like you are the example for those who slaughter animals for the lust of their tongue or for superstitiously vanished people who sacrifice animals in temples,mosques just because they think it will lure God n make God happy..
    Sacrificing animal in any case by anyone is not ( can n’ver be) justifiable..

  13. muslims around the world are suffering because of there ego, everything will change if they become vegetarian. there preachers should start promoting vegetarianism if they want respect and survival of this way of life

  14. Yes apparently she does need atotneitn that bad forget about the vegetarian thing it is so disrespectful to waste food like that! She is so extreme I would expect she will fizzle out the same way also not to long….She is going to have a hard time following her own act. ~Heather

  15. I wa incredibly delighted to find a fellow Muslim
    brother confessing so frankly about being a vegetarian,practicing strictly & fearlessly admitting how & why one can be a better human being showing mercy to animals in not liking to invite them ending up as tasty(?!) dishes on the porcelain plate. Who can be closer to God than
    this person with a sparkling golden heart for others to emulate. Insha Allah,if this euphora catches up fast,we can see radiating peace shining everywhere on this planet. Million thanks
    to Fakruddin Sab in your bold venture in transforming humanity.

  16. wow… first of all I would like to thank you for being a vegetarian and all animal kingdom will thank you for that, I heard from my friend who eats meat usually, that it is impossible to quit eating meat after one started but I am surprised by he level of commitment and dedication of yours. You quit it after 16 years without any excuse or argument just because of sake of animal’s pain … its really appreciable. #respect

  17. i am extremely happy to hear this good news that a muslim who has been eating non veg since 16 years , suddenly has become a veggie after feeling the pain of dying animal. this is the indication of the start of your journey to higher consciousness. i congratulate you for your conscious decision of following the path of universal compassion and universal brotherhood as it is said by the Allah the gracious and most merciful that all the living beings on this earth are the citizens of this planet.
    i am delighted to read this blog as it gives me hope that there are other muslims like me who also feel the same. coz till now i have not found any body in my family or locality any vegetarian muslims. to tell you, even i became a vegetarian at the age of 17yrs. i am happy that i have taken this decision and following it with my heart. i like to advocate the same to others… be they of any religion.
    i would like to suggest you one more thing if you could possibly do it.plz stop using animal products like leather shoes,leather belts, bags or any other material made of animal. this would also show your compassion towards animals. i would like to make you aware of how much damage we are causing to planet earth by killing animals for meat and other products.GOD BLESS.AMEN.OM

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  30. I salute u for being vegetarian ,Allaha. helped u to put u on right track ,the God will help u further ,he will take care of u as u already took care of others. We always say good luck for coming time

  31. What you have written is very beautiful. I have not rated meat in over 40 years. My mother thought I was being silly, so she complained to our elderly family doctor, and he supported my decision! My sisters and their families thought I was being ridiculous. These days, they don’t think that anymore. Not only does meat eating lack compassion, it is unhealthy and the livestock industry is a HUGE contributor to pollution and climate change.

  32. I dont understand that how can be any religeon can give parmission to give pain to any leaving beings..god always love and only love..i strogly believe that god is one though we have 100 of ways to reach him.i am sure whoever eat non-veg in the name of god are misunderstood the thing which written in their scripture.

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  36. Hindu Muslim Bhai they… Bhai hai aur hamesha Bhai rahenge!!!

    KUDOS brother.

    I appreciate your decision and am very happy to hear that you became vegetarian.

    Just like us the animals also have their own family.

    Just like our parents love and pamper us the animals are also pampered by their parents and one day the poor animal is killed in order to satisfy human hunger.

    If humans consider themselves very powerful and mighty then why don’t the try to kill animals like hippo and lions .

    They can’t try to kill the more powerful animal because only the poor and weak is killed in the society like innocent goats, chicken, pig, sheep, buff.

    It’s sad to see how the animal is slaughtered….:(

  37. I still see you are trying hard to stay in the clan by justifying animal sacrifice. Calling it scientific is absurd.

    In any case, you have won by heart – I am a Jain and compassion and love towards living beings should be the way of life. You are surrounded by Non-veg food so it must have been difficult.


  38. My dearest Muslim brothers/Sisters,

    I am so impressed to know that you have turned vegetarian/vegan due to the love for the creatures of Allah. What makes us superior to others is compassion for others including animals.

    But, what we lack is we don’t spread this virtue to others. I implore to all of you to spread your good habit to other people, irrespective of religion. I give you a target – one person every year should be convinced to become a vegetarian. To achieve this goal, you will have to contact one new person every month. This way, you will have 12 persons to work on in a year. Most of the people will not accept you but don’t lose heart. Don’t devote much time on those who are difficult to change. Devote your time on those who are likely to change. You will know after a couple of meetings who to work on.

    You ca start from your family members, friends and relatives. Later on, you can try to people who you have met recently.

    Thanks. May Allah give compassion to all the human beings.

  39. Good day I am so delighted I found your blog page, I really
    found you by error, while I was researching on Google for something else,
    Regardless I am here now and would just like to say thank you
    for a marvelous post and a all round interesting
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  40. Same here, vegetarian Muslim from Bangladesh, not really religious but more of an agnostic. Similar to your experience of seeing korbani and how the animals having tears in their eyes, how they are being killed, in the name of religion, peace and sacrifice. Killing an innocent animal is not a sacrifice neither peaceful ! That bothered me deeply. Then I realize, it is impossible to be spiritual or being a rational thinking human and at the same time causing sufferings to other living things!

  41. In the name of all the animals I bow to all vegetarians and vegans and in their name I say thank you.
    No matter what religion or tradition we were raised into, killing is so wrong.
    We humans are good at killng, …..each other and even worse, the innocent animals. We have great words and arguments to justify it, but they come from ignorant beings who have no compassion. The sad part is that the other humans blindly believe them, and so the slaughtering continues. When will it stop?

    Thank you again.

  42. Wonderful friend ,
    I am a hindu I stopped eating non-veg 3 years ago completely. From my childhood I did not show interest in eating non-veg. I saw cutting goat how it suffered while cutting. I felt the pain. I appreciate you for the article
    your soul is close to God. If you do meditation very soon you can talk to God and hear inner voice . you can do astral travel. God likes us being non-veg plz see the website to get dewine powers

  43. very happy to note that people with compssion like u r living in this planet.Let me post your link to my facebook page

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