Open letter to Didi Mamata Banerjee

Dear Didi,

My response is to your Facebook post about “The Ease of Doing Business in Bengal reaches a new level.”.

I don’t think its easy to do business in West Bengal. Specially when TMC License department and WB sales tax department officers never bother to entertain commoners without bribe. If Bengal has to progress, first you must remove all the co
rruption in the very first step of starting a business. Each Trade License is charged at Rs 1000-2000 bribe. WB tax registrations cost about the same. The Babus never talk to anyone except the so called agents. Dear madam, first you must analyze the ground reality of Kolkata and then take necessary action to improve it and make everything online. I bring to your notice that it takes almost one month to register a new business which is not only a problem to the owners but a loss to the government. If the government removes corruption, more owners will be welcomed when the middleman is cut off.

West Bengal is the land of agriculture, but when it comes to the ground reality, the poor man is not earning anything even after working the hardest in the sun. The prices of Potatoes are lower than cost of producing it. Why no farmer wants to product potatoes anymore? Why so many farmers committed suicide? This is all linked to corruption. Do you think the news is not going to the investors about corruption in Bengal?

As a commoner, any government work which can be done by individual is given to the agent. Without agents the work doesn’t progress. Why this Agent-Babu relation is encouraged? Does the government pay less to the Babus for which they ask more bribe ? If they don’t ask for bribe, they start troubling. Didi, I think you know all this very well, I just wanted to re-iterate the facts for your reminder.

Dear Didi, If we, your own countrymen are facing problem, what will the foreigners face? How can you promote brand Bengal with so much corruption at every stage?

In so many interior parts of Bengal, there is no business. Do you think Business is only about cities? What about villagers? They have no hope. Again, rich becomes richer and poor is becoming poorer. In many areas, farmers are selling off their land as Agriculture is no more profitable. Why? Bengal has 97% cultivable land and yet this is the sad state of Agriculture.

Compare it with Denmark. Bengal is as big as Denmark in area ( Slightly less). But look at their transparency and process of work – It has made a name in the world as the country for most high tech agriculture. Why this cannot be in Bengal ? Why more focus is given to outside investment when we can be self sufficient. Bengal is very rich in its soil. Why then middlemen are making most money ?

Its my humble request to improve the internal policies to build a non corrupt system and then the investments will come by its own by looking. You have to set an example of how friendly the businesses are in Bengal. Only seminars will not help. If any foreign company will inquire about Bengal, they will only get a report about corruption – Who will invest ? Dear Didi, imagine yourself as a business owner, will you ever invest in a country where without corruption, nothing works. The simple answer is no.

Yours Sincerely,
A Common Young Entrepreneur in Kolkata.

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