Daily Love Letter From A Software Developer To His Wife…

Today out of the blue my wife sent me this :

…and so what I did is this:
( I simply created a quick PHP script to send out a personal message everyday )

Then I created a CRON job to send this out daily

And finally, Some Testing …:

I’ll post her reactions in a few days once she starts getting it..

Update 25th March 2021 : She wasn’t reading emails ( her fault ) and she says that I’ve not been emailing her.

Message from her after several days..

I told her to re-check and voila..

She read all the emails together..

Update 2: 3rd April, 2021 : she said “You need to sleep early as you need to wake up at 5:30am for the emails”.. I chuckled silently..

Version 2.0 : If this is a hit, I will upgrade the script to send out a whatsapp message via the Whatsapp API … Stay tuned..

FYI: If someone needs this script, please email me and I’ll be happy to share !

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