8 Innovative Ideas for Open Source Beyond Software

Do you agree that Open Source just can’t be applied on software only? Open source philosophy can be applied to any given domain. Over the years open source has proved its potential and there is no brainer that open source model CANNOT work(Off course some dopeheaded VCs still think there is no money in open […]

Marketcetera : Open Source Trading Platform

Most stock trading systems these days are mostly on Solaris, but the trend is changing. Stock broking companies are wanting effective low cost solution. Most companies I know of are moving towards .Net platform or Linux platform. .NET is far cheaper than Solaris solution, but it takes you down over the years with M$ extrating […]

Most popular windows – linux equivalent softwares

0) Windows – Linux 1) uTorrent  – rTorrent If you like uTorrent, you will definitely like rTorrent. Its much simpler and easier to use! 2) Remote Desktop – rDesktop/VNC If you want to share desktops, use VNC. If you want to Remote desktop to a windows machine from a linux system, use rDesktop 3) Yahoo/MSN […]

Barcamp Kolkata : Why Kolkata still doesn’t have a Barcamp

Why Kolkata still doesn’t have a Barcamp October 2007, I went to Kolkata for a conference called WebOSS ’07 and I can probably make out why there’s no way Kolkata can have a barcamp in near future. I tried to carry out a Barcamp in Kolkata. My sympathies to the wonderful city where I grew […]