I am starting a project called HeartBeat HeartBeat phase 1 will consist of the following features: 1. Server script configuration 2. Implementation of libtrilead for Java SSH 3. Creation of libheartbeat 4. Basic GUI under Swing Users will be able to configure almost any service and start and stop it remotely through SSH. Imagine a […]

Most popular windows – linux equivalent softwares

0) Windows – Linux 1) uTorrent  – rTorrent If you like uTorrent, you will definitely like rTorrent. Its much simpler and easier to use! 2) Remote Desktop – rDesktop/VNC If you want to share desktops, use VNC. If you want to Remote desktop to a windows machine from a linux system, use rDesktop 3) Yahoo/MSN […]

Debit card without Bank Account?

Yes, now its possible. Payoneer is the name. The online mass payout solution that pays directly to universally accepted Prepaid MasterCard® cards. Payoneer is easy to use although its as difficult compared to Paypal, Western Union in terms of currency exchange rates and trasfer rates. But you’ve a step ahead: You get  a debit card […]

GridMACD FOREX Algorithm Explored for Meta Trader

Ive been lost in GridMACD Forex trading algorithm and I tried to explore it more and more. Then I just came across this wonderful flowchart. Then I came across someone who added another logic to enhance it for better performance. (none other than my brother Johan from Indonesia!) Will someone be interested to write an […]