Webmethods to TIBCO Migration

I’ve been getting a lot of hits and requests to post something about Webmethod to Tibco migration. As discussed in many of my previous posts, Tibco is highly marketing is products and particularly asking organizations to migrate from WebMethods!  You should see the way Tibco sales guys talk! They are technically convincing! SO lets try […]

Webmethods:How to Kill a Running Service from the Integration Server

Many of you have wondered how to kill a WebMethods service while its running on the Integration Server. Its become a Pet Interview Question for many but the interviewer also expects one of the following facts which is not the most recommended method to kill a running service. Here are some facts: 1. If you […]

8 Innovative Ideas for Open Source Beyond Software

Do you agree that Open Source just can’t be applied on software only? Open source philosophy can be applied to any given domain. Over the years open source has proved its potential and there is no brainer that open source model CANNOT work(Off course some dopeheaded VCs still think there is no money in open […]

Marketcetera : Open Source Trading Platform

Most stock trading systems these days are mostly on Solaris, but the trend is changing. Stock broking companies are wanting effective low cost solution. Most companies I know of are moving towards .Net platform or Linux platform. .NET is far cheaper than Solaris solution, but it takes you down over the years with M$ extrating […]

Creating sequences in MySQL an alternative to AUTO_INCREMENT

MySQL doesn’t doesn’t have sequences and Auto_Increment does not suffice the need for a text based sequence generator. Or say you want to reset AUTO_INCREMENT’s value? So here’s a workaround for a generating a sequence in MySQL which can be reset later. Step 1: Create a Table CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `seqgen` ( `seqno` […]

WebMethods Document Tracker for Broker analysis

Did you ever have the need to retrieve the documents from the broker without creating another client just for debugging? Try the WebMethods Document Tracker. Its simple and sweet! It will just take the settings of your broker server and which publisher to subscribe to. Its quite strong and can handle large documents at ease. […]