Webmethods running linux commands as a java service

Recently a friend asked me how in webmethods, she could fire linux specific utility tasks. She wanted to find out if the disk space is full on linux. This can be done very easily by the “df- kh” command. But how to invoke this through webmethods? Solution: Follow the steps below. Step 1: Create a […]

Webmethods to TIBCO Migration

I’ve been getting a lot of hits and requests to post something about Webmethod to Tibco migration. As discussed in many of my previous posts, Tibco is highly marketing is products and particularly asking organizations to migrate from WebMethods!  You should see the way Tibco sales guys talk! They are technically convincing! SO lets try […]

Webmethods:How to Kill a Running Service from the Integration Server

Many of you have wondered how to kill a WebMethods service while its running on the Integration Server. Its become a Pet Interview Question for many but the interviewer also expects one of the following facts which is not the most recommended method to kill a running service. Here are some facts: 1. If you […]

WebMethods Document Tracker for Broker analysis

Did you ever have the need to retrieve the documents from the broker without creating another client just for debugging? Try the WebMethods Document Tracker. Its simple and sweet! It will just take the settings of your broker server and which publisher to subscribe to. Its quite strong and can handle large documents at ease. […]

WebMethods and TIBCO CUF – Common Utility Framework Services

The Common Utility Framework or CUF is a set of utility services created by any enterprise for their internal usage. These utility services form the backbone and will provide a set of APIs to the applications which will be written for any enterprise solution. The major advantage of using a CUF in your enterprise solution […]