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Some years ago I got a laptop from HP. The irony is that my laptop was used by HP service center more than me!

The following email screens will explain what kind of Customer Help is provided by the so called MNC Hewlett-Packard!

Picture 4

So I didn’t receive any reply, No calls! After 8 days, I wrote another email to them!

Picture 5

As soon as I sent this email, I got a call from the service center!

Picture 6

And so I went the to the service center and collected my laptop. But I made sure if the Director Mr. Chintamani Lele knew this. So I wrote this email to him

Picture 7

Immediately Mr. Chintamani Lele from Vintech replied !!

Picture 8

And so the HP guys take it from here and NO one replied for 13 days! Which made me send them another email as below:

Picture 9

After 4 days from the email above, I got a reply from Sanjay Kumar, HP India Sales saying the below:

Picture 10

Immediately I asked him and ETA to which he replied Next Monday!

Picture 11

But its already passed Monday! And no reply yet. So I shoot out another email!

Picture 12

And on 23rd Sept, I get this in reply! Should I laugh or cry?! The guy was on leave until 21st and still on leave on 23rd! Wow HP!

Picture 1

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  2. I have gone through almost same ordeal, and must confirm that HP customer service are worst here in north india too. For some time i had almost become a regular visitor to the service center. My pavilion was and continues to produce heat enough to turn an egg into ommelette. After many threats of a consumer court case they still greeted me that blatant smile and every time Told me that my problem was minute and resolved by cleaning of fan. But the problem resumed itself after few days. Owing the hectic schedule i have given up too. But i have seen to it that noone in my circle wastes his/her money on a HP laptop.

  3. dear friend you must approach consumer court as they are very fast and reliable against such issues…………

  4. Same case happened with me, and the point of LOL is it was Same guy mr Sanjay Kumar, the laziest Indian in India.

  5. I appreciate the attention to detail in the design of these PCs. It’s clear a lot of thought went into making them both functional and aesthetically pleasing. From ergonomic keyboards to well-placed ports and intuitive user interfaces, every aspect seems to be meticulously designed to enhance the user experience.

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