Yes I’m lazy

I’m known to be a lazy person. The whole world tells me, I tell myself. But what to do.

Here are some TOP secrets to cope up with my lazy attitude while running an enterprise solution..

1) I don’t re-invent the wheel. I use what is available. ‘Google it’ is my favorite dialogue. People misunderstand this with lack of creativity but whats so wise in doing something already done!

2) Use open source. I just love open source. Everyone who believes in open source are my team mates.

3) Automate. This is perhaps my one word advice to ALL. Try to automate everything. Try to make it “one touch and done”. (If I could, I would have automated something to scratch my back…ha ha ha .. ok back to serious stuff)

4) Plan to be lazy from the start: Always design to scale and make it generic. Always think of huge numbers. Assume double the size of scale than the scope. Always make your designs generic to adapt to change at minimal cost and time factor. Some tips for young lazy enthusiasts.

5) Sometimes things may have to be manual, Use monitors – Open source monitoring tools are available at call. Use them. They are quite good.

6) Use schedulers. I must admit, many of my emails are just scheduled to send out automated replies. I just type them and choose date/time for sending. Let your clients feel you’re there for them 24/7/366!

7) Test your apps. I believe in thorough testing and benchmarking. Believe me all the clients should know this. Don’t release anything just for the sake of releasing, it has a bad impression about your quality of work even though you may have won the battle by delivering on time.

8) Communicate when needed -Here’s another tip to be laze around. Communicate with the fastest channel. It may cost a bit, but it will buy you a lot of laziness to enjoy with! Trust me, it works…

9) Use the proper tools and technology. Don’t pick up some xyz technology just because you know it. My experience says that its a mirage of laziness. If at a point your xyz technology is not suitable for the client, the client will take away your laziness..

10) Now that you have so much time to laze around, try to find more ways to be lazy..Facebook, orkut, You don’t have to be so hard. Just laze around all the more…

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