Options Vs Confusion

A Child’s life is truly simple. Far away from the daily mysteries and bothering. A child doesn’t know what’s rich and what’s poor. A child’s definition of tension or stress is the exam or homework next day. Or to score better than his own best friend. All parents want their children to be on number 1. Foolish parents don’t realize that there is only one number one.

As I watch my niece brushing and polishing her shoes for next days school with her heavy bag lying on the other side of the room. I get reminded of my childhood days. Days when life was too simple when most decision were made for you. Life was simple and that’s why it passed by so quickly.

Today’s life is complicated and I am going to highlight on one of the reasons why it is – It is the Options that one get. Option not to be confused with opportunity but rather a path one takes in the journey of life while standing at a cross road.

Today more options give us more confusion. I visited a restaurant yesterday and found only 3 items for soup, 4 items for starters, 4 times for main course and another 4-5 more other items. I really understood the philosophy behind it. They wanted to cut out the options part from them. These days the confusion is about the number of options we get. More options are not to simplify your choice but to only make it more confusing so that you stop to decide. It murders your ability to decide. It kills your opinion about something.

Marriage is another example. Arranged marriage people on an average wait almost a year to be finally fixed with someone and take a look at an average of 6-7 to be spouses until a perfect match is found. Why? Well, its the ultimate question of a getting a suitable life partner! What if one makes the wrong choice ?

On the other hand, Out of the marriages that don’t last long, most of them have a reason behind it as an availability of another choice. Don’t like someone? Don’t care about the society? Splitting is the answer. You can always find someone else to have an affair with!

Options make life more miserable. Ever gone for shopping? Why do we always pull a friend or comrade to go along. Because one is always confused and tends to a friend / comrade for assistance and buys their choice.

Its an irony that some generations back, when a particular option was forced on to you, you always objected it. And now, you very nicely pick up someone else’s choice and proudly announce claim it as FREEDOM!

Life is not about the amount of options you get. It shouldn’t matter what option you choose. But has your choice benefitted all?

Do you also feel that more opinions makes it more difficult to come to the right choice ? Do share your thoughts in the comments!