After almost a break of 4 years I’m finally back. I must apologize to my readers for taking the time off. I am honest enough to admit that I was focusing on minting money and that I had lost interest in writing anymore. Suddenly, I felt like writing today which has not only broken my writer’s block but also given me an opportunity to talk directly to my readers.

I remember one of my employee who was an avid reader of my blog come to me and ask about why I stopped writing. I hope he’s reading this as I still remember his words while I am starting to write again.

Over the last 9 odd years, I have been blogging continuously and except for the last few years. I have blogged from technology to religion to politics to personalities. Almost anything which came in my mind.

So why was I away?

Just two reasons and nothing else.

– I was busy in expanding and focusing on business
– I had a writer’s block – Just didn’t feel like writing at all.

So what’s changed over the last four years?

– I have been catching up with few of my childhood friends. I took a trip to Leh/Ladakh in Kashmir which was quite a memorable one.
– I am still a vegetarian – Going strong.
– I am married and have a little baby girl now.
– My skin is growing old and I have started to realize that I’ve lost the evergreen look – I am working on it to get it back soon.
– I have grown all the more spiritual in my research. Performed Hajj in 2014.
– I have stopped listening to Mr. Jagjit Singh after he died. I do listen to him sometimes, but I feel as if the sparkle has gone. Sometimes I listen to old Rabindra sangeet songs and Pankaj Udhas when I feel like, but with him gone, the music’s gone too.
– My patience level has increased exponentially. I have become very calm and tolerant
– My talks have become more logical and convincing.
– Felt almost 4 earthquakes in last 4 years.
– I have moved to a larger office wherein I feel like home – Only thing missing is a bed.
– Expansion operations at office have started for Australia and Sweden.
– I miss conferences and events as I’ve not been quite social these years.
– And many more things..
– The most important thing is that I am happy and content with everything around me and I am thankful for everything.

I don’t know if I’d continue writing or not. I make no promises but I do promise to try.

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