Live from Ballarat

Today’s my last day in Ballarat out of my 3 day visit here and I just love the city. Its one of those cities where one could think of settling in after retirement.

Hussain in Ballarat   IMG_1829

Ballarat is a small city about an hour and a half from Melbourne. Its a historic city which got up during the gold rush. Its very Victorian with all the heritage buildings reminding me of UK.

IMG_1877    IMG_1878

The best part of Ballarat is that its got everything you’d need for your daily living – Food, Entertainment, Business along with the peacefulness of the much needed break from the city rush and hustle.

IMG_1876  IMG_1875

The roads are large and concrete with a good traffic management system. There are a few uphills and downhills but nothing unpleasant.

I also couldn’t find a 3 storied building in Ballarat, perhaps there isn’t any need for it. I personally stayed at an AirBnB accommodation near Strut street in Ballarat and the house was just lovely. Below are some pictures:

IMG_1899   IMG_1893

IMG_1856   IMG_1855

IMG_1834   IMG_1894


Myself being a fully vegetarian was not at all a problem. There’s a subway, a Chinese 100% veggie restaurant and plenty of other Indian restaurants where I could fatten myself. I am sure I must have gained a few kgs in these 3 days.

IMG_1898    IMG_1962

You don’t need a car in Ballarat – you could go almost anywhere walking within 15-20 minutes or so.


The roadside shops are mostly glass and no shutters. You just lock your front gates and everything is just fine. I hardly saw a police officer – Not sure if they need the police 🙂

I was in Ballarat on a short business trip. I came to the city to meet a client and am heading back with lovely friends. The people are just so very friendly.

I didn’t get time for any sight seeing at all, but I wish to come back again with my family for just a small holiday!

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