Sachinism site launched:

I am pleased to announce the launch of – My latest site on God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar. If Cricket is one’s religion then Sachin is the GOD and the religion he spreads : Sachinism.

I was lucky to have got this domain. The response was awesome. The was live countdown being followed by fans and over 100 registration in the first 3 hours! The site is in continuous development with new features getting added each day.

Thanks to all the guys(specially Ved and Bhel) who have made this site come true.

The site was developed completely from scratch using simple php scripts with modular design. There is a good security which I have implemented: HTML syntax checking, SQL injection attacks etc. Currently we’re developing an admin panel to give it a good backend for moderation.
I am also planning to launch an E-Magazine for Sachin which will be completely like the normal magazines that we get but in the form of a PDF which can be distributed on the internet free of cost.

Lots more to come… Stay connected!

Here’s one of the banner which fan’s made:

WebOSS 07: The Event

On 13th October Teknowledge Software conducted the first “Free for All” Open Source Web Technology conference called WebOSS ’07.

The event was the first of its kind to be held in Kolkata. Teknowledge Software, a software house based in Kolkata hosted the event along with WBUT as the venue sponsor.

Volunteers dressed in white T-shirts with WebOSS ’07 logo worked hard to put the event together.

The event started at around 11:30. I was the first one to speak and spoke on RIA: Which technology one should choose? Slides can be found here

I attended the next session by Pradeep on how to build application with AJAX. Pradeep’s presentation can be found here

There was a lunch break after this which contained burgers, cakes, ladoo! and Frooti!

The next session was of Shabbir’s on Speeding up your websites. A great session which included tips and tricks to speed up the sites from network and client browser point of view. Shabbir’s content can be found here

The next session was of Naveen. He really went dirty into the code like Pradeep. It was really a good session and I have started respecting Perl (i’m more a PHP Guy!)

It was a good conference, the jam packed audience was eager to know more and more!

Overall, a fun event like barcamps! Its great to see such events happening in Kolkata! Go ahead Kol!

You can find ALL pictures here:

Hussain on RIA

Pradeed, Naveen and Shabbir

Jam Packed Audience

Pradeep, Naveen and Shabbir again.

WebOSS ’07 : The Web Technology Conference

WebOSS 07

The first of its kind Web Technology Conference on Open Source Technologies, WEBOSS ‘07 is being organised in Kolkata on Saturday 13th October, 2007.

I am the organizer and speaker.
The conference is going to be held at West Bengal University of Technology Main Campus.
Topics include: RIA, AJAX, ROR, PHP VS PERL, speeding up your websites. I’m going to speak on RIA and RoR.
There is also going to be a panel discussion on Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.

Hope to catch some action!

Bon Jovi Fan club

I have started a forum on Bon Jovi for their fans(I’m one).

There are some really die hard fans out there. The forum basically has two sections: 1) Bon Jovi the band 2) Bon Jovi Fans which have forums on General talks, Downloads, Music News. Apart from these, there are forums on RockTalk, Gossip, Polls and to top it all, Bon Jovi Vs Other Bands.

You can catch the site at:

There are 133 articles in just 2 days of its opening. Great start!

I will book the domain soon and keep you updated.