TIBCO GI (General Interface) : A boon for Open Source RIA

Tibco GI is cool.
Tibco GI is fascinating.

Tibco GI (General Interface) is a small little tool for building RIA.
The most amazing part of TIBCO GI is that it provides a fine IDE. And the IDE itself is built on the same framework. You don’t need any installer to run the IDE except a standard browser. And yes, ANY browser. I have tested with IE and Firefox and it runs smooth!
I have used Flash, I have used Ajax, I have used Flex, I have used Laszlo.. I like them all but I like this GI a lot! I always say : Rich User Interface = Rich User Experience! And TIBCO GI is quite satisfactory in that.

I would like to mention some cool things you can do with TIBCO GI:

– Integrate it with all major J2EE Frameworks: Struts 1.1, 2.0, Spring etc etc….
Links for some tutorials:

– Javascript based: Runs on browser, no other downloads required.

– One page application: Just like flex, Single Page Application.

– Drag and Drop IDE: Just like flex builder, Drag and Drop Components and do lots of stuff with them. What’s more, remember the old days with VB6, It provides an IDE just like VB!

– Javascript: Organize all your business logic in Javascript. Add javascript functions and just call them from component’s events. Yes, the components have events and they can call other javascript functions or directly write code into that.

– Java Like API: If you download and goto the help section, You’ll see all the API’s are well structured Java Classes. Very well documented.

– COOL TOOLS: I must say some really really cool tools: Everyone knows how difficult it is to debug javascript(Until firefox came out with an Error Console) . TIBCO GI provides a small window where you can paste your JavaScript code and it can run it for you! No need to write functions! I use this for checking some external JavaScripts too!

– Error console. Before you actually deploy your application, the IDE checks all the javascript errors for you and lists them out.

– Another cool tool: XML Mapping. TIBCO GI has thought for Web 3.0. When websites become webservices. Expose all your business logic on webservice and call them by a WSDL. You can drag and drop your components to say what’s gonna be your input and what’s gonna be your output. You really gotta try this!!!

– Integrates quite well with All other TiBCO Products like TIbco Businessworks, Iprocess etc.

– Charting: Add in components provide a bundled set of charting tools. You will really like it if you’re into charting. It can give tough competition to FLEX Charting!

– The TibCO framework size is just around 350 KB. Bye bye dial up users. Web 2.0 is not for you!

– Lastly, TIBCO is open souce. I love open source. I have been into open source for quite sometime and something like this is really a boon for RIA World.

A challenge to non-vegetarian, if they can contradict the answer

I’m a strict vegetarian as a result, I’m always taunted. I always felt embarrassed. I always used to think that why in our religion we are asked to have vegetarian diet and not the non-vegetarian diet. As all the non- vegetarians used to tell the various benefits of non-vegetarian food. I used to feel that there should be some very strong reason that why vegetarian food is preferred. Something which can make all other reasons appears trivial. I always used to search for that reason.

But, after surfing a lot of internet I have finally got a possible answer. The very reason of why we eat food is the answer to this question i.e. the survival of the human being on this earth.

I have found on many websites which says that eating meat causes increase in the global warming. Probably all the readers must be knowing that if the temperature of our earth increase by few more degrees then our planet will become like any other planet. Then, probably the aliens (if they exist) from other planets will come and search for evidence of life as we search for evidence of life on mars and moon.

All this happens because of the concept which I had read in my ninth-tenth standard. I won’t go in science of the concept. But, in the laymen terms I will say that from a plant to animal and from animal to animal only 1% of the total energy is transferred.
For example:

If we need 3000 calories per day and from each plant only 1000 calories is obtained. Then we need to eat only three plants.

But suppose if we eat beef rather than plants which can give say 3000 calories. Then most of you will think that the beef is a better option. But, I would like to say that for accumulating those 3000 calories we would have to feed cow at least 300 plants which means that we need more space and energy to feed one person.

Now greater the energy used, then greater will be the demand for energy and greater will be the burden on our natural fuel resources and hence greater would be the production of the greenhouse gases.

So, with greater consumption of meat, there would be more and more increase in greenhouse gases which will make the global warming condition worse.

Now, I think you all can conclude that by maintaining a vegetarian diet we are actually saving ourselves.

However, probably one may point out that what about the various diseases at which we all are at risk if eating of non-vegetarian food is stopped. To this point, I would like to say that many people in India are vegetarian and all those who take a balanced vegetarian diet with regular exercise always live a healthy life.

Barcamp Kolkata : Why Kolkata still doesn’t have a Barcamp

Why Kolkata still doesn’t have a Barcamp

October 2007, I went to Kolkata for a conference called WebOSS ’07 and I can probably make out why there’s no way Kolkata can have a barcamp in near future. I tried to carry out a Barcamp in Kolkata. My sympathies to the wonderful city where I grew up.

1. What is BarCamp? A ‘Drinking Bar’ may be…I’m not interested.
2. People don’t know what a WIKI is. They don’t know how to edit it despite the instructions.
3. No one willing to take the effort. They have all the time to sleep.
4. The so called ‘open source’ community sucks big time. The so called HEAD of LUG group look out for publicity more than helping to get a job done. I am not afraid to take the name of Krishnendu Paul who promised and suddenly disappeared.
5. The student community is suppressed by the colleges.
6. The colleges are more interested in Placements rather than knowledge sharing.
7. College professors are trying to get some freelance projects all the time.
8. Big shots like IBM, TCS etc. are least bothered to even have a look.
9. Free T-shirts = Bring in all your friends and leave in next 1 hour.
10. Free food = hog as much as you want.
11. The IT dept of the government want to just hold on conferences and publicity stunts to make their place in the newspaper. I am again not afraid to blame the minister for not checking his Mailbox which is always full. And also to be not available to common people without a PROTOCOL!
11. What is sponsorship? What will I gain. How many people are going to come? This is the question which all news/publicity media ask!
12. Lastly, Who’s wanting to spoil their weekend!

Way to go Kolkata, I don’t see a Barcamp Kolkata until some revolutionary thing happen!
Dear City of Joy, I left you some time back and I don’t feel like returning!

Barcamp Pune 4

“Barcamp Pune 4: Love for technology” took place today at Thoughtworks Pune.
I gave a workshop on PHP & Ajax along with Priyank. This time I didn’t develop any website but rather a Proxy server using PHP!
We also conducted a BOF session on PHP and Ajax Security and Meta Trader the online forex platform.

Get some pics here:

Barcamp Pune 4 Logo

PHP & Ajax workshop

Barcamp schedule.

Preparing for workshop

Slides and Video to come next..