Steps to receive your bike from Railways.

Are you planning to move to another town with your bike? or Are you in another town and planning to get your bike by Railway’s Luggage and Parcel service. This blog is meant for you!

Today morning I got my bike- At LAST!

I am sorry as I wasn’t the person to book the bike in Indian Railways..(Thank God!). But I went to receive it.This was how I got my bike:

I took a platform ticket and went to the luggage room. There a person took my receipt and searched for the bike. Not found. We both went to search my bike on the platform. After searching 2 platforms we finally found my bike at a place very near to where people commit nuisance. Hopefully it was packed nicely.

The person who accompanied me stood by the side and said “Give me my share here itself”. “Chai” “Pani” are the most commonly used words. He asked for 50 bucks. I gave him 30 and said that even I could take my own bike from here. He agreed and we went to the luggage room from platform 5 to platform 1.

At the luggage room, they made a gate pass for me and another person accompanied me from luggage room to the road. I had to pay him another 30 bucks for just taking my bike out.
This person shook my bike and said “There’s a lot of petrol in here!”

I was shocked. When the bike was ported the tank was empty. How on earth can petrol go inside?!

We went ahead and there was a checking counter. Another man accompanied me. He said, I will take your bike outside. Just give me my “Chai” , “Pani” later. I agreed…

I left the gate pass with the gatekeeper and he took me to a higher official. On the way he said “There’s a lot of petrol in the bike”. I said “I never filled it”.

Higher officer came in and said “Open the tank”. I did. He shook and said “There is a lot of petrol. More than 1 litre”.

I said “But I never put the petrol in it. I can even show the receipt where it says the tank was empty when it was loaded on the train”.

He said : “So you think the railway will put petrol in it?” “Look sir, I have to fine you. I don’t leave people out of this checkpoint. ” ” Go to the court and pay 1000 bucks”. And he went to bring the fine receipt book.

The 3rd man who accompanied me took me aside and said “Look sir, don’t argue with him. Just give me 200 bucks and I will make things work for you. Don’t talk to him directly. I will make things OK for you.” “Sir, these people will cut the receipt if you argue with them”

I gave him 200 bucks and then he went to talk to “Higher Officer”. Suddenly he came back. For a second I felt that the officer didn’t agree. He came to me and said “Boss, Give me 50 bucks more”. I gave it immediately. He went and gave it to the Officer and took my bike outside.

After going outside he said “Come quickly, come quickly! See I saved so much money of yours. Now give me mine and I will leave. Give me 100.

I said “100 is too high. I will give 50.” and I took out 50 rs note and handed him.

He hesitated to such an extent that I had to take out another 20.

This is what actually happened:

Rule says: When your bike comes, it shouldn’t contain a drop of petrol. Fine for defaulters is 1000 bucks.

Railway ensures this by: During time time of acceptance, the officials check for the petrol tank is empty or not. The receipt handed over has it documented as “Petrol Tank EMPTY”.

When the bike is in railway’s custody. They somehow back force petrol inside the tank. The can even do that in the train(who knows!).

There is high amount of understanding between the railway and transport department regarding this. The transport authority or rather say “Higher Officer” never checked for any of my bike’s documents. Neither the registration, nor the NOC.

Question which would amaze anyone at first time:
How did the petrol go in there while at the time of booking one empties it and the OFFICERS assures it by documenting it as “Petrol Tank EMPTY”.

However I am amazed at: I had my bike’s keys, Still how did they manage to put the petrol in the tank? May be some day I would get to know this …. I am still in search for enlightenment….

So for all those who are bringing their bikes from their home town should do this :
While you’re in search for the bike. Instead of paying the man just 30 or 50, give him straight 200 bucks and tell him to take out all the petrol anyhow. This way you will save 200 bucks.

If anyone has any other bright ideas, please do comment to reduce the cost…

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  1. What Tarun said is a better option, but that will cost you a lot more that IR.
    Will corruption ever see the better of Indian people?

  2. As usual experience at railway station. It ‘s better that to send ur bike by private transport. This option I find better than the railway. I kad send and receive bikes by both the ways..

  3. transfering or recieving bike from indian railways always being a problem i have also faced in past and i want to aware u people about that.i have to sell my elder brother bike to jaopur from railway, first of all i give 150 for packing it then igive 50 rs to take out petrol to a person who awre me for that, then isold three litres of petrol for just rs 60rs to that person and at last the person who took my bike nto the cargo take 50 rs from me for that and at last hwn i was going to register it they said all the trains are stopped due to gujjars(community strike) last i drive myself the bike and reached jaipur within 4 hrs.

  4. well Buddy i understand how you manage to get out of such claws of this corrupted people, But from next time i would like to suggest you that plse dont pay a single penny to anyone and try to harres those people as much as possible. i am doing same thing and now at some offices many officers know me by my name. it doesnt matter it is of one time of many.

    Plse reduce corruption from india.

  5. Guys, anyone knows how much money Railway will charage, if you didn’t collect your bike within 6 hours from parcel office of arrival of train.

  6. you can fix Petrol Lock (which in general fixed to avoid stealing of petrol) instead the free lever for opening the petrol before start of the vehicle.

  7. i brought my bike from mumbai to blr. i also had to finish addtional cahi pani twrds loading unloading apart from packing charges and railway charges. if you ahve 3-4 hrs in hand you cN DO THE BOOKING YOURSELF. THIS WILL SAVE YOU SOME. however loading is very imp hence cant avoid the cahi paani else they may not load the bike in the break van.

  8. Dear Sir,
    I have booked my bike bajaj pulsar 150cc
    MOTOR CYCLE CG-07-AQ-3974,
    Booking station is Nasik road to
    Durg dated on 27-04-2015 and
    till now our motor cycle has been
    not reached to Durg. Below are
    the details of booking.
    Parcel/Luggage/VP Details
    PRR No./PWB No. B496117 Booking Date
    From Station Nasik road. Destination
    Station Durg JN.
    Consignee Name and Address
    Devendra kumar sahu – Consignor
    Name and Address Devendra kumar sahu

    Please kindly reply.
    Please help.
    Thanking You.
    Devendra kumar sahu
    Mobile No: 07746944238
    Email id:’’

  9. Is it possible to take my bike from Egmore parcel office on sunday? I mean will the office work on sunday or i have to wait till monday to collect my bike? Plz help anyone. ty in advance

  10. I want to bring my bike RANCHI to GOA..
    But I am not coming with the bike in same train.
    If someone booked my bike from RANCHI Junction..
    So could I received the bike in goa.
    Is it possible?

  11. Guys, most of you are lucky enough to get you bikes back by paying some money extra.
    In my case, I had booked my bike Yamaha FZ from Kota to Bangalore, which i did not receive at all for 15 days,
    Finally and with gods grace my father had some good contact with one the Higher Railway officer in pune, who helped me to track my bike and get it back to bangalore. I suggest even if it costs some 2-3k more, go for private transport.
    I still wonder and worry why people die to get what is not theirs(corruption).
    I pray to god to see a day when corruption is no more in INDIA.

  12. I’m so upset hearing this. Unfortunately I sent bike yesterday to my brother by train. Weird thing is they gave us receipt and said to show it while collecting. Now how on this earth would it be possible? If it was, my bro would have taken it as a luggage while going in train, why would we send bike as parcel then?

    Not only that, we were charged 1040/- for parcel but 300/- separately for packing by agents sitting outside who would not bargain at all. There is no tracking of bike when will they and when will we get, no calls, no sms, no online tracking !! Those agents even asked us to pay 2200/- to them and avoid all hessels of standing in queue for long, parceling and delay in shipping. But then again, they would take responsibility till shipping only, what happens after that is not their concern.

    Huh.. I am so afraid now what other is going to come while receiving it !! :-/

  13. I am book my bike from rewari haryana to gaya bihar in2/06/2016 from luggage ticket but my bike is not arrivel till Date 9/6/2016.Please tell me where is my bike my bike luggage ticket no . is H444371 plz friends help me I can not track my parcel because I have luggage ticket

  14. I booked my bike in railway before 7days but railway department didn’t Dispatch after 7 days … Mughe kya karna chahiye..abhi tak meri bike nahi aayi h .

  15. Some time back i have booked my bike in railway through a agent i found online, the railway is charging to much amount for non picking my bike from station, when i call the company they are saying that they are not responsible if i have not able to pick it up from station.

  16. Is it possible to take my bike from railway parcel office on sunday? I mean will the office work on sunday or i have to wait till monday to collect my bike

  17. I parceled my bike from manmad to belgaum they charged me 1274 for it n for packing n loading the bike in train 700 n 50 rs chai pani for parcel officer n no guarantee of bike security when will be india corruption free

  18. most of the problems occur because we do not care to buy a public time table and read the rules carefully. who prevent us from packing our vehicle? the most common phenomenon is that people bribe them to leave some petrol in the tank so that on delivery they can easily go to filling station. if we know the rules and follow them, it is all a smooth process, so far as the South Indian states where i booked my bike frequently. this are not as bad as painted here. but there always people who would like to cash out innocence. but we can get away with that by just spending one hour to know the rules. this is my experience with railways.

  19. please tell me is there a specific time during which we can pick up…i m working in a bank and there is no one else availible to pick bike except me …at what time can i pick up?? my bike is at varanasi

  20. Click the photograph of any one of the officer and tell them that you are from press !

  21. I was booked a cycle on from secunderabad to Unnao on 4 Dec 17 vide PRR No. 4000684984 and the same wad loaded from Secunderabad Train No. 12590 on 15-12-2017 7:20. But the above mentioned item has not been received till date.

  22. I have got my bike from Kachiguda to Bangalore junction without any hassle. The experience was so good and i felt railways have come a long way. Thanks Indian Railways.

  23. Today evening i will go to Bangalore KSR Junction to get my bike……..I will share my experience after getting my bike.

  24. As i told you that i will share my experience … it is….My bike parcel was from Ajmer to Bengalore….
    I reached SBC majestic railway station, Bangalore at 5:30 pm and shown the parcel receipt….one guy was there he did some entry then i went into the main office where we get the exit gate pass and do the formalities……..two ladies were sitting there……they did required entries and calculated the fine because i picked my bike 30 hours late…….i paid 315 rupees as fine including tax….10 rupees per hour was the fine…….than i shown this slip at the exit gate, one guy brought my bike to the gate and he removed all the packing stuff……i gave him 30 rupees and than my bike was in my hand……..So it was a nice experience guys…….i don’t know about the other stations.

  25. Hey guys help me out… That i want to pursale my bike to another state.. Bt it is confusing me that can anyone can receive my bike

  26. I m going to kgp to get my scooter..let c.
    From bangalore i have send it 3 days i got a call its been reach.
    Let c

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