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It feels really good after winning the technical quiz at I2IT.

On the first thought I never wanted to participate but when my friend Manish insisted, We formed a team and went there. It was a 3 day event. The questions were from all streams of computers and weren’t easy! The best thing I liked was the last round in which a caselet was given and one had to present a solution to the given problem in about 7 mins. We were given “Air Traffic Modelling”. I remembered my friend Naved doing a case study on Air Traffic System the very instance we got the caselet!

Finally there was an award ceremony where we were given certificates and a gift vouchers from crossword worth 2k(Atleast something as ROI).

Overall experience was good but really really poor management. Anyway, All’s well that ends well!

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  2. Maybe just one more thing to add here: events are also reetald to an observation made by one party/agent of a process/action performed by another party/agent.Cheers Markus

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