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Lot of things happened last week while I was in Kolkata. I was on a hunt to find a good office — Aparantly I didn’t get any good one. A few of them were good but the prices have hiked up a lot. Not worth the space!

If someone is reading this blog and can help me out, I would be most delighted. I need good office to accomodate 10 people for a software house.

It also happened that I attended the Kolkata Tweetup on Sunday. There were 16 people who had come in at Park Street Macdonalds. Wide range of age groups starting from school students to working professionals ( we didn’t have any sr. citizen!). It was fun to meet the mix bag of young and a little oldies like me!

Lot of discussions took place, Overall it was a light evening.


I formally announced the launch of @KolkataTech (http://www.KolkataTech.com) which is inspired by @PuneTech (http://www.PuneTech.com). Its very rare that some IT event or anything related to IT happens in Kolkata. There are many reasons to it. Barcamp took place after all the cities had 4-5 Barcamps already! Some of you would like to read my earlier post about why there wont be a Barcamp in Kolkata  (http://hussulinux.blogspot.com/2008/02/barcamp-kolkata-why-kolkata-still.html)

But the point is that the bongs are catching up and they are doing it good. It just needs some motivation.

I’m planning to have a good social and technical networking in Kolkata once my office is setup. Hoping to have some techie talks session, camps etc to guide out the new generation of kids

Besides just technical things, I am planning to venture out on Finance domain + Stock and Forex markets. Lets hope the Marwadi’s in Kol (who have lotsa black money convert it to white) have their portfolios done by my company!

All this and more coming up from September 2009. Stay tuned..

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