Stop using rediff

I have reasons to believe that rediff’s code quality has become really pathetic day by day. Delivery managers aren’t paying attention to the feedbacks. They keep putting bad code and pile up stacks of powerful servers to hide their bad programming practices!

Its high time Rediff ! WAKE UP!

After my initial post on a full quality analysis of rediff which can be found here I thought they would improve the quality but they went worse. Neither did they improve the quality but they left out loop holes for themselves for hackers to hack in.

The below screenshots would explain:

rediff_bad_coding Click to enlarge

rediff_code_horror Click to enlarge

I did email the product manager, but he asked me to wait and I’m still waiting!!

Picture 3 Click to enlarge.

So now I’ve decided that I will stop using Rediff, and go to other news sites which are good for my browser.

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