Kolkata Job evaluation for Software Industry

Previously wrote a blog on Why Kolkata will never have a barcamp, like two years back. And even now Barcamp never happened in Kolkata!

Here are some of my experiences as an employer in a Metro city which tried to hide away from its siblings when The Software Industry boomed. Thanks to its People and its Government Both!

Recently we posted an advertisement in the largest subscribed newspaper twice. We received some responses which I shall describe. I would treat this as my personal survey for what kind of people exists around Kolkata, West Bengal. Their current pay scales, their expectations, their competency levels, and their adaptability and everything else that a company needs from an employee

1. Almost 90% of all job seekers didn’t know proper English. They somehow managed.

2. Almost 90% were unemployed. 10% were looking for change.

3. 30% were irrelevant job applications. We mentioned requirements of technical people but people even applied for “Any suitable opening”. A CV came in for receptionist post as well.

4. All CVs had TONS  of technologies known but master of NONE. Many CVs were tailored to our requirements mentioning “basic knowledge of XYZ technology”

5. Most funny part was, they CC’ed to other companies’ HR too.

6. Some people didn’t have an email ID, they applied using the cyber parlor or Internet cafe guy’s email ID.

7. We asked for some sample work of their own. We got cut-paste templates from the internet.

8. We received very late responses. These people check emails once or twice a day.

9. Some people applied just for an opportunity.

10. They expectation was quite low. Not sure why, May be lack of confidence. Not many computer software companies in the region, or perhaps they don’t want to fight harder. One person was ready to switch job for a just 12% hike. He was even willing NOT to serve notice period to current employer. This means he could have a ‘sudden departure’ with us as well.

11. Freshers are useless unless we train them for at least 6 months. Colleges are least bothered as they get their share. And still the atmosphere in 90% of the software companies in Kolkata is Lazy. Work starts at 10 and finishes at 5. Life is slow here.

12. 75% of people are from non technical background who have undergone a diploma from some ‘so called’  reputed computer training industry where faculties are faculties there because they’ve not got any other job!

Some other small things:

1. Our HR is female, People kept addressing Sir.
2. No proper cover letter, Just a cv attached.
3. People email twice. First time they forget to attach their CV
4. Many never replied back at all.
5. They just forward their CV without removing previously applied “TO” in the cover letter.

I cannot blame anyone for such a crisis but may be an eye-opener for the government and the people too, that its high time they should change their attitude towards software industry – Only talks wont do.