Welcoming 2010

2009 was indeed a good year. Made good money, spent good money and it was all worth it. Made a lot of serious decisions. Gained a lot of experiences.
My 2009 resolution was to travel a lot as I’d not traveled anywhere in 2008. And so I ended up visiting 10 countries which include China, UK, US, France, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium & Germany.

I plan to get the following things done in 2010.
Travel – Plan to travel on a pilgrim to places around Iraq, especially Karbala. Hopefully take my grandmother along.
Social – Be more Social. I will try 😉
Donate – 10% of all profits and income shall be donated in Charity.
Renounce – I plan to renounce all income which involves interest on money or bonds. Banks are unavoidable, Plan to distribute interest earned in Charity.
Reduce – Shell of some extra pounds. This is my resolution every year!
Re-gain – Try to regain old friendship with lost friends.
Expand – Expand like always 🙂
Spend – I plan to spend and invest like before.
Marriage – Yes, Lets keep our fingers crossed!

Besides I have a big wish-list like always!

So wish you all a very pleasant 2010 with lots of prosperity and solace! Shalom!