Why Banks are EVIL

My Good Friends, Wake up now and realize that banks are EVIL. Period.

The biggest EVIL which humanity is facing now is the banking system. Throughout the world.

Define Bank : The biggest white collar organized corruption system in the world.

I remember Shylock from the Merchant of Venice who wanted to stand by the bond, unless in this era, the Shylock keeps winning.

Something to ponder upon : With the maturity of digital age, credit/debit card transactions carry a charge ranging from 0.5% to 2.5%. Every time you spend something, the bank is earning. Just because governments have failed to provide a sophisticated payment processing there will be a time when each of these 2.5% cut will result in a money/economy shift from consumer or people to the bank.

Lets say : If you have a $100 currency note, use it 10000 times, the worth is still the same. ( Unless physical damage of the note which is negligible ). If you use digitally transaction of $100 for about 10000 transactions, the $100 value diminishes over those 10000 transaction each time filling the pockets of the bank.

Think deep: This is similar to radioactivity. The radiation emits particles and the element loses its actual mass. Similarly, the actual money will be gone in a few hundreds of years which will result in slavery, barter system, war and misery.

There is much to learn from the current Venezuela whose crisis is caused by nothing but banks lending and waiting to default. People don’t have food. They are eating from garbage. This is a failure of humanity and we are all part in it. We have allowed this EVIL to take share in our lives. We have becomes their slaves already.

How many of you are able to live in this era without a bank? Very few.

Government force everything via banking system for transparency but never take initiative in building a system which can oppose the current banking system. The governments which oppose are toppled and replaced with new leaders who are in line with major banks.

Common people know it well, but at a micro level they just ignore it thinking 0.5% transaction is OK since the banks give us the extra features and service. But trust me, its not OK. A fixed fee for the service is preferred rather than a percentage. Bank don’t own your share. The moment you agree upon that % share, you make the bank a partner of your wealth.

Slavery, Barter, Wars and Misery are just a few hundred years away if this continues. Everything is connected, in some way. Think about your future generation if not for yourselves. What we do today, shapes our tomorrow.

Now you know why I feel banks are so EVIL. I welcome comments and arguments.

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  1. 1. Many of bank transaction charges are in fixed brackets instead of %
    2. There are hundreds of financial institutions apart from bank who is charging % wise including Visa & MasterCard
    3. Many services are free too. So your example of $100 note is not helpful, for example if you consider check/cheque instead
    4. Banking is the only government regulated institution which helps cross boarder or long distance financial transactions with negligible cost, compared to barter/exchange system
    5. The loopholes in banking system are real evil points.

    My clear thought is the whole system of currency, replacing old barter system is evil, because that encouraged anybody to be greedy and preserve beyond need.

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