Honour Killing : How many more indian youth will die?

I am not just sad but ashamed of the fact that in a country which gives secularism as a fundamental right to its citizen, incidents of ‘Honour Killing’ still occur, and in numbers. So what is ‘Honour Killing’? Taken from wikipedia: :”Honour Killing is the homicide of a member of a family or social group […]

Dear Google, Why do you treat Android as an Orphan?

Dear Google, Why do you treat Android as an Orphan? The problem with Google Android Market. Android is a good platform, no doubt. But Google treats it like an orphan. Why, Google? Did you give birth to Android just for fun? Have some responsibility! Nurture your child! Believe it or not, Google doesn’t care a […]

Google Search by Image API

Google hasn’t officially released its new search by image API so I thought of researching and writing a small article on how one can use this searching technique in their custom web, desktop and mobile apps. Here’s a quick analysis first. Basically you replicate what the browser does for you and scrape the response. Search […]

Employer-Employee relation

Today, an unexpected lady turned up for an interview. Probably a mismatch from the consulting firm we were working with. She was around 45 years old. Looked quite like a typical ‘aunt’. She had just passed class 10. She spoke exceptional English and always smiled. From the conversation I had with her, she was quite […]

Options Vs Confusion

A Child’s life is truly simple. Far away from the daily mysteries and bothering. A child doesn’t know what’s rich and what’s poor. A child’s definition of tension or stress is the exam or homework next day. Or to score better than his own best friend. All parents want their children to be on number […]