Add external deployable files to Java EE projects on netbeans

Ever wondered how you’d deploy external CSS/JavaScript with servlets or JSPs?This article will guide you on how to add a CSS/JavaScript (.css, .js) or any file in your project so that it gets inside your .WAR file too! Here’s how to: 1) Start your netbeans: I am using 5.52) Goto Tools>Template Manager3) Select or Expand […]

Flash and JavaScript Integration

Flash and JavaScript Integration Follow these easy steps to make flash communicate with JavaScript code and vice versa. a) Flash to JavaScript: Making Flash call a JavaScript function JavaScript Function Code. To be put in the HTML <script language=”JavaScript”>function alertMe(){ alert(“Hello, world”);}</script> Flash Code. To be put in any event of button, frame, where ever […]

Feel Good

It feels really good after winning the technical quiz at I2IT. On the first thought I never wanted to participate but when my friend Manish insisted, We formed a team and went there. It was a 3 day event. The questions were from all streams of computers and weren’t easy! The best thing I liked […]