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Welcoming 2010

2009 was indeed a good year. Made good money, spent good money and it was all worth it. Made a lot of serious decisions. Gained a lot of experiences.
My 2009 resolution was to travel a lot as I’d not traveled anywhere in 2008. And so I ended up visiting 10 countries which include China, UK, US, France, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium & Germany.

I plan to get the following things done in 2010.
Travel – Plan to travel on a pilgrim to places around Iraq, especially Karbala. Hopefully take my grandmother along.
Social – Be more Social. I will try ๐Ÿ˜‰
Donate – 10% of all profits and income shall be donated in Charity.
Renounce – I plan to renounce all income which involves interest on money or bonds. Banks are unavoidable, Plan to distribute interest earned in Charity.
Reduce – Shell of some extra pounds. This is my resolution every year!
Re-gain – Try to regain old friendship with lost friends.
Expand – Expand like always ๐Ÿ™‚
Spend – I plan to spend and invest like before.
Marriage – Yes, Lets keep our fingers crossed!

Besides I have a big wish-list like always!

So wish you all a very pleasant 2010 with lots of prosperity and solace! Shalom!


EDIT: I found this most suitable.

Some years ago I got a laptop from HP. The irony is that my laptop was used by HP service center more than me!

The following email screens will explain what kind of Customer Help is provided by the so called MNC Hewlett-Packard!

Picture 4

So I didn’t receive any reply, No calls! After 8 days, I wrote another email to them!

Picture 5

As soon as I sent this email, I got a call from the service center!

Picture 6

And so I went the to the service center and collected my laptop. But I made sure if the Director Mr. Chintamani Lele knew this. So I wrote this email to him

Picture 7

Immediately Mr. Chintamani Lele from Vintech replied !!

Picture 8

And so the HP guys take it from here and NO one replied for 13 days! Which made me send them another email as below:

Picture 9

After 4 days from the email above, I got a reply from Sanjay Kumar, HP India Sales saying the below:

Picture 10

Immediately I asked him and ETA to which he replied Next Monday!

Picture 11

But its already passed Monday! And no reply yet. So I shoot out another email!

Picture 12

And on 23rd Sept, I get this in reply! Should I laugh or cry?! The guy was on leave until 21st and still on leave on 23rd! Wow HP!

Picture 1

Chinese People

There is a strange yet fascinating feeling whenever I come across Chinese people. Their overall personality, aroma, the way they carry themselves , the hard work they do, their laziness — Almost everything!

Kolkata, my hometown has been a home for the Chinese since long ago. Its the only city in India to have a Chinatown and I have good Chinese friends too! Even my sister has a best friend who is Chinese! I just love Chinese food so much!

My dad deals with China day-in day-out with his import/export business. Moreover I went ahead and did a Chinese crash course! I even visited China in April 2009!

Chinese people are very fragile and delicate in looks but too strong mentally. They are workaholic(most of them) and hardworking. May be this is the reason why China is the GOD of manufacturing. While I was in China , I found products which were so cheap no Indian company could afford to make. The high availability of manpower and poverty has made China a hub of manufacturing!

I was once in an Autobus in Kolkata where I came across a chinese girl who worked at a call center. She was highly sophisticated and resembled the actual people in China. Too fashionable! From head to feet. Colored hair, imitation jewelery, state of the art footwear and what not!! Chinese people love fashion, they get bored with old ones too quickly and want new things coming up as soon as they can! When you go and buy a chinese product, the quality will be too low but it will be a unique and stylish one. Take for example Chinese mini f ans or Chinese watches or mobile phone or rather many plastic products from China. They are quite fashionable but fragile.

Not to forget I got myself an IPHONE Clone phone. It looks exactly same! I got it for US$80 only. Its a usable phone with 2 batteries, charger, earphones and iphone(designed in california) box! It was just so tempting I took it!

In India, Chinese community is treated very separately. A friend of mine was not allowed to even attend Indian IDOL audition as he was Chinese. No reasons specified! They mostly adopt Christianity but rarely go to Church(correct me if I’m wrong!) , they visit Chinese & Buddhist temples and celebrate Chinese new year as their main festival. The elder generation Chinese in India have shops of Shoes Manufacturing , Restaurants and Beauty parlors.ย  One of my very good friend’s family is associated with all three. But the younger generation is job oriented. They prefer instantly high paying jobs than good old business.ย  Some move out of India to Taiwan , Canada and Australia but not to Mainland China.

They have very well accepted Indian culture. Indian communities have a mix bag of relations. Some accept them, some treat them as aliens. But one must remember, even though they look different, I know they are all Indians by heart..

Joining a startup?

There are two types of people in the world. One who can only do a job whole life. Others who can never tolerate a job. I am the latter. Where do you belong?

Most people don’t join a start up because of a very basic reason. The risk factor.

In the beginning its all very exciting and fascinating to call yourself a CEO or Management level post. Not necessary that you’re qualified for that!

But joining a start up isn’t something alien. The following are some points which I will share out of my experiences.

The Fear Factor: Have a mentality to convince dependents. Most Indian middle class families are job oriented. Parents prefer their children to secure a good if not high paying job and a good life than themselves. Government job in India is most secure and most boring. So where’s the challenge and excitement? NONE!

The Indian society is divided into two main sections. Families and social network which has very high regard towards a job. In most bengali families if a groom is a businessman they will think twice or even thrice before giving their daughter for marriage. They will invest money in education so that he can secure a good job. But a job after all. On the contrary, the Gujarati or Marwari family will always try to settle their son with some business by giving them some initial capital. Some families strongly believe that education up to high school is enough for the child to join his father’s business!

When joining a start up one should be ready to convince the social network around that “Hey I’m doing a start up, the boat is gonna be rocking but I’m up for it…”

And once you say you up for it, be ready to pickup any job that comes to you. It can be just anything! From serving tea to cleaning desks. If you’re not comfortable in that you shouldn’t even be reading this blog!

Treat your start up like a child. Feel motherly pride in doing anything for it.

Failure: Some people fail. Don’t give up. Understand that its a business after all. There will be times when you’re amazingly happy about winning a project or cracking a deal and other times when you’re almost down and nothing works your way! Be ready to face it. Be ready to accept it. Consider the two ends of a pendulum and imagine that on one side there is joy, happiness and on the other side there is disappointment, sadness. Your journey in life is like a pendulum. It never stays happy forever and never stays disappointing always!

Financial crisis: Most people have family pressures, bank loan, EMI to pay. They will never think of starting a startup. A secure job makes you a man-eating tiger. Once a tiger has tasted the blood of a man, he will never go back to other animals. From one man to other he will prey. Similarly job seekers will seek jobs. From one company to another and another. But one must understand, the person who is putting you on a job is a businessman after all.

Problem with start ups: We all know start ups have low funds, poor infrastructure and blah blah and everything you may have read elsewhere. But a practical lesson comes when your team members have difference in opinion. Who is right and who is wrong? Mis-communication , less communication, self respect , ego all put more oil in the fire. The team breaks. A divorce happens and the child suffers.

Strategy: Have a long lasting strategy but flexible one. A start up should like water. Should take the shape in anything which holds it. If it doesn’t it becomes too rigid and breaks when strong winds blow. A start up is more client oriented. Its really crucial to have a balance in concentrating between what you DO and how you Sell. Teams of B-techs and MBAs do a good start up but you don’t have to be a MBA or a Btech to do a start up!

Be a real tiger, not a man-eater. Feel free to put your points!

jQuery Online Training

I will be conducting an online training for jQuery enthusiasts in association with More details can be found here:

Learn how to create dynamic, visually-appealing web applications from two experienced JQuery developers in this 8 weeks online training with practical project

โˆš Learn how to use the jquery and how they all fit together, to develop web applications like the pros.
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Kolkata …

Lot of things happened last week while I was in Kolkata. I was on a hunt to find a good office — Aparantly I didn’t get any good one. A few of them were good but the prices have hiked up a lot. Not worth the space!

If someone is reading this blog and can help me out, I would be most delighted. I need good office to accomodate 10 people for a software house.

It also happened that I attended the Kolkata Tweetup on Sunday. There were 16 people who had come in at Park Street Macdonalds. Wide range of age groups starting from school students to working professionals ( we didn’t have any sr. citizen!). It was fun to meet the mix bag of young and a little oldies like me!

Lot of discussions took place, Overall it was a light evening.


I formally announced the launch of @KolkataTech ( which is inspired by @PuneTech ( Its very rare that some IT event or anything related to IT happens in Kolkata. There are many reasons to it. Barcamp took place after all the cities had 4-5 Barcamps already! Some of you would like to read my earlier post about why there wont be a Barcamp in Kolkataย  (

But the point is that the bongs are catching up and they are doing it good. It just needs some motivation.

I’m planning to have a good social and technical networking in Kolkata once my office is setup. Hoping to have some techie talks session, camps etc to guide out the new generation of kids

Besides just technical things, I am planning to venture out on Finance domain + Stock and Forex markets. Lets hope the Marwadi’s in Kol (who have lotsa black money convert it to white) have their portfolios done by my company!

All this and more coming up from September 2009. Stay tuned..

Notes from China

I really enjoyed my recent trip to China. I would like to share with you some of my experiences.

My Flight was from Calcutta, India to Kunming, China. From Kunming a local flight to GuangZhou.

I really liked GuangZhou. Nice climate, nice young people! I was there to attend 105th International Import Export fair. Its not mykinda game of business altogether but I agreed to it thinking what’s the harm to explore.

I rather describe the entire visit in pictures.

c5 Canton Fair Ground

c3 Opening ceremony

c4 Fair Grounds

c2 Costs only USD 5000

c1 Area surrounding the fair

c6 Speaking on stage — software imports

c8 felicitation

c7 Pretty Girls dance show

shopp Shopping in GuangZhou

shp Fun!

From GuangZhou I went to HK and then back to Kunming. Overall it was a nice short trip and the fair was quite interesting!

Yes I’m lazy

I’m known to be a lazy person. The whole world tells me, I tell myself. But what to do.

Here are some TOP secrets to cope up with my lazy attitude while running an enterprise solution..

1) I don’t re-invent the wheel. I use what is available. ‘Google it’ is my favorite dialogue. People misunderstand this with lack of creativity but whats so wise in doing something already done!

2) Use open source. I just love open source. Everyone who believes in open source are my team mates.

3) Automate. This is perhaps my one word advice to ALL. Try to automate everything. Try to make it “one touch and done”. (If I could, I would have automated something to scratch my back…ha ha ha .. ok back to serious stuff)

4) Plan to be lazy from the start: Always design to scale and make it generic. Always think of huge numbers. Assume double the size of scale than the scope. Always make your designs generic to adapt to change at minimal cost and time factor. Some tips for young lazy enthusiasts.

5) Sometimes things may have to be manual, Use monitors – Open source monitoring tools are available at call. Use them. They are quite good.

6) Use schedulers. I must admit, many of my emails are just scheduled to send out automated replies. I just type them and choose date/time for sending. Let your clients feel you’re there for them 24/7/366!

7) Test your apps. I believe in thorough testing and benchmarking. Believe me all the clients should know this. Don’t release anything just for the sake of releasing, it has a bad impression about your quality of work even though you may have won the battle by delivering on time.

8) Communicate when needed -Here’s another tip to be laze around. Communicate with the fastest channel. It may cost a bit, but it will buy you a lot of laziness to enjoy with! Trust me, it works…

9) Use the proper tools and technology. Don’t pick up some xyz technology just because you know it. My experience says that its a mirage of laziness. If at a point your xyz technology is not suitable for the client, the client will take away your laziness..

10) Now that you have so much time to laze around, try to find more ways to be lazy..Facebook, orkut, You don’t have to be so hard. Just laze around all the more…